My Father, Donald M. Parrish

There are many old photos of my father that need to be scanned in and added to this page.

On this website there is a growing base of information on the ancestry of the Parrish family. It is an amazing lineage with 5 ancestors on the Mayflower, an immigrant from France in 1613 or 1615, 12 ancestors in the American revolution, many Presidential or famous (distant cousins), Mohawk Indian blood, and the second owner of the land on which the World Trade Center stood. My father even wrote a brief history of his parents.

Photo of My father This is a photo of my father, Donald M. Parrish, Sr. which I took on his 87th birthday, September 8, 2001 at his home in Dallas, Texas just 3 days before 9/11. A year later, my research revealed that in 1649 our ancestor, Ariaentje Cuvilje Vigne, the Matriarch of New Amsterdam, was the second owner of the land on which the World Trade Center stood.
Parrish 4 Generations photo This is a 4 generation photo of the Parrish family taken on my father's 88th birthday (9/8/2002). His grandson Philip Charles Parrish, Jr., everyone calls him "PJ", is holding his almost 3 year old son, Cortlan Alexander Parrish. PJ's wife, Amy, took this unique photo.
Dad 90th Birthday My father, a bit stooped with age, is talking to his devoted, next-door neighbor, Eliseo Gonzalez at his 90th birthday party on September 8, 2004. On June 19, 2004, we attended the wedding of Erica, Eliseo's daughter, but my father wasn't feeling well because he was in a cast for a fractured vertebra in his spine.
Parrish 4 Generations photo Cortlan Parrish, my father's great grandson gives him a high 5 at the Grace Presbyterian Village nursing home in May 2005 about the time that Corlan graduated from pre-Kindergarden. Even though the room was kept about 78 degrees, my father always felt a bit cold.
Parrish 4 Generations photo This is the last photo taken of my father and I. It was taken of us at his nursing home on February 2nd in preparation for Valentine's Day just weeks before his death on February 25, 2006. See photos of his funeral and read his biographical sketch.

You can view the entries of my father, Donald Maltby Parrish and Charles Herbert Parrish, his brother who was killed in WWII in the WWII registery by clicking on their names. We need to get his other brother, Kenneth Ralph Parrish, who served in WWII added to the registery.