Parrish Branch of Family Tree


The best documented part of my tree is the Parrish branch. I have documented more than 600 great ... great grandparents in American. Of these, 250 are immigrants. And of the 250, 200 are before 1640. The newest immigrant came before the Revolution! I have 5 ancestors on the Mayflower! And I have a Mohawk Indian in my tree 10 generations back!! She translated the Bible from Dutch to Mohawk. There are 12 ancestors who fought in the Revolution and there are many connections to events in American history. For example, in July 2001, I discovered that the mother of the first European child born in Manhattan (back in 1624) was my 11th great grandmother. She was the second owner of the land on which the World Trade Center was built and her second husband was the original owner.

Because of the deep roots of the Parrish family to the beginning of American history and the well documented family trees of early New England families, I have many well documented famous and Presidential cousins.

Parrish Ancestors

My grandfather, Timothy Maltby Parrish, was born in Wisconsin. You can see his ancestors, family group by family group, by clicking on his name. You can also explore his tree by surnames. The best way to start is to click on Big Picture which provides you an overall diagram, introductory material and an index of all names in his tree. You can also read the history of the T. M. Parrish Family written by my father.