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Name Thomas FARRAR
Birth 29 Jan 1615, Burnley, Lancastershire, England
Death 23 Feb 1694, Lynn, Massachusetts
Occupation Farmer
Private Note Came by 1640. Victim of the Salem Witch Trials.
1 Elizabeth X
Birth abt 1620, Lancaster, England?
Death 8 Jan 1681, Lynn, Massachusetts
Marriage abt 1645
Children Sarah (1648-1712)
Notes for Thomas FARRAR
Because of his old age, presumably he was hard of hearing, he was allowed to sit in the pulpit to be able to hear the minister. Teenager Ann Putnam accused him of witchcraft because in her dreams she saw him pinching her. This happened in Salem 18 May 1692. He was sent to prison in Boston for a period of 5 to 7 months (sources differ on when he got out of prison).

As the elder Thomas, he was familiarly called "old Pharoah." He was accused of witchcraft in 1692 and brought before the court in Salem on 18 May, despite fact that son Thomas was a selectmen of Lynn that year. NEHGR VI 317
Deposition before the court was by Ann Putnam . . . on "8th May 1692 there appearaed before me the apperishion of an old gray headed man with a great nose, which tortured me and almost choked me and urgred me to writ in his book, and I asked him his name and from whence he came for I would complain of him; and the people used to call him old father pharaoh; and he said he was my grandfather, for my father used to call him father; but I told him I would not call him grandfather for he was a wizard and I would compain of him, and ever since he hath afflicted me by times, beating me and pinching me and almost choking me and urging me to writ in his bookk"
He was sent to prison in Boston and kept until 2 November (about 5 months)

Departed England in 1640. Fined for assaulting Henry Jackson and again for assaulting his brother Henry in 1640.
Thomas Farrar the elder, was familiarity called, "old Pharoah," and was one of those accused of witchcraft in 1692.
History of Lynn, P. 185.
Thomas Farrar was a farmer, and lived on Nahant St. He died Feb 23, 1694. His wife Elizabeth died Jan 8, 1680. (and he married his second wife, Abigail Collins, Mar 3, 1680). He had one son, Thomas, who married Elizabeth Hood, Dec 6, 1682, and had four daughters; Hannah, Sarah, Susanna, and Elizabeth. ( He also had Peleg and Mehitable , twins, born Oct 6, 1660, who died young. Susanna married Joseph Newhall, son of Thomas who was the first white child born in Lynn. This Joseph settled in Lynnfield, and had eleven children; among them Samuel, who was adopted by his uncle, Thomas Farrar, who was a farmer and lived on Nahant St. Thomas Farrar the elder, was familiarly called "Old Pharaoh", and was one of those accused of Witchcraft, in 1692.
It was voted in 1692, that Thomas Farrar, Senior, Crispus Brewer, Allen Breed, Senior, Clement Coldam, Robert Rand, Senior, Jonathan Hudson, Richard hood, Senior, and Sergeant Haven, should sit in the pulpit.

FARR This surname is believed by many to be identical with Farrar, and there is considerable reason for the supposition, as persons of both names appear simultaneously in different localities in New England. It is derived from a Latin word meaning iron, and was probably used as a place name before it came into use as a family name. It was first known in England from Gualkeline (or Walkeline) de Farraris, a Norman of distinction attached to William, Duke of Normandy, before the Conquest of England in 1066. From him all of the name in England and America appear to be descended. His son, Henry De Farrars, appears on the roll of the Battle Abbey, among the principal companions of the Conqueror, and as the first of the family in England. When the general survey of the realm, recorded in the Domesday Book, was made in the fourteenth year of the Conqueror's reign, Henry was one of the commissioners appointed to compile the work. He bore for his arms: Argent six horse shoes pierced sable.
The first of the name in New England was George Farr, who settled in Salem in 1629, coming with Higginson; was admitted freeman in 1635; settled finally at Lynn, Massachusetts, and left eight children. Most of the families spelling the name Farr are descended from Stephen, mentioned below. John Farr, of Stow, thought by some writers to be grandson of George Farrar, of Lynn, married, May 11, 1703, Hannah, daughter of John Applin, of Watertown. Descendants of the Farrar family are numerous in Stow, Littleton, Hardwick, Hatfield and other towns in Massachusetts. Simultaneously there appear in Lynn a Thomas Farrar, and by some writers the two families are confused.
Thomas Farr, the first of this line, came from England and located first at Boston, Massachusetts, where he executed a power of attorney, February 2, 1645, giving authority to his brother, Henry Farr, a mariner. to lease or sell lands in England. He is said to have been a son of Thomas Farr (or Farrar), residing near Burnley in Lancashire. Thomas Farr settled in Lynn, where he died in 1694. His wife Elizabeth died January 8, 1680. There is no conclusive evidence that he was related to George Farr, of Lynn, though it is natural to suppose that they were in some way related. The early records of Lynn are fragmentary and defective, so that many things remain unproved. Among these is the supposition that Stephen Farr was a son of Thomas and Elizabeth Farr. Their children known were; Thomas, living in 1693; Susanna, born March 26, 1659; Mehitable, October 6, 1660; Peleg, died young; there were probably others.
Margaret Olsen:
1692 the town "voted that Thomas Farrar Sen. (and seven others) should set in the Pulpit" (age? hearing?). 1692 he and six others from Lynn were accused and imprisoned on account of witchcraft, accused by Ann Putnam. Brought before the Court at Salem, May 18th and sent to prison at Boston, where he was detained till Dec 27th, more than seven months. His son was one of the selectmen in the same year." Lewis' HISTORY OF LYNN, p. 183 tells the testimony against him.
Bob Carroll:
As the elder Thomas, he was familiarly called "old Pharoah." He was accused of witchcraft in 1692 and brought before the court in Salem on 18 May, despite fact that son Thomas was a selectmen of Lynn that year.

Father: Thomas FARRAR b: ABT. 1587 in Burnley, Lancaster, England
Mother: Athellred Thomas Farrar WIFE b: ABT. 1590 in Of Burnley, Lancaster, England
Marriage 1 Elizabeth Thomas Farrar WIFE b: ABT. 1616
* Married: ABT. 1635
1. Elizabeth FARRAR b: BET. 1659 - 1661
2. Thomas FARRAR b: BET. 1636 - 1652
3. Sarah FARRAR b: 1648
4. Susannah FARRAR b: 26 MAR 1658 in Lynnfield, Essex, MA
5. Mehitable FARRAR b: 6 OCT 1660 in Lynn, Essex, MA
6. Peleg FARRAR b: 6 OCT 1660 in Lynn, Essex, MA
7. Hannah FARRAR b: ABT. 1637
Marriage 2 Abigail COLLINS b: BET. 1613 - 1663
* Married: 3 MAR 1680/81 7
Marriage 3 Elizabeth HOOD b: NOV 1658 in Lynn, Essex, MA

- lived on Nahant St. in Lynn, MA after being driven out of
England due to perswcution of Charles I
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