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Name Ots-toch MOHAWK, 9G Grandmother
Birth abt 1623, New York?
Death New York?
Father Jacques HERTEL (1603-1651)
Mother Full-Blooded MOHAWK
1 Cornella Antonissen VAN SLYCK, 9G Grandfather
Birth abt 1604, Holland
Death 1676, New York?
Private Note Came 1634
Children Hilletie Comelise (~1646-1707)
Notes for Ots-toch MOHAWK
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Notes for Cornella Antonissen (Spouse 1)
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Schenectady County, New York Genealogies: Van Slyck Family

[This information is taken from pp. 223-225 and 234-236 in Chapter XXIV of Austin A. Yates' Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century.]

The Van Slyck lineage is as follows:

Hillitie, the eldest daughter of Cornelis Antonisen Van Slyck, married Peter Danielse Van Olinda of Niskayuna. She was for many years employed as provincial interpreter with the Indians by the government at $50 per annum. The Mohawk sachems in 1667, gave her the great island in the Mohawk River at Niskayuna. She and her husband sold the island in 1669 to Captain Johannes Clute. The Sachems also gave to her land at the Willow Flat, below Port Jackson; and at the boght on the Mohawk in Watervliet. She died February 10th, 1707, leaving three sons, Daniel, Jacob and Matthew. The last died unmarried.

Daniel, the oldest son, June 11th, 1696, married Lysbeth Krigier, a granddaughter of the old burgomaster Martinus Krigier, and left surviving him three sons, Peter, John and Martin.

Jacob, the second son, married Eva, daughter of Class DeGraff, and left four sons, named Peter, William, Martin and Nicholas; also one daughter, Helena, who on the 16th of June, 1723, married Johannes Quackenbos.

Leah, the youngest daughter of Cornelis Antonisen, married first, Class Willemse Van Coppernol, who hired the farm of William Teller at Schenectady, and subsequently settled on land of his wife at the Willegen, below Port Jackson. He died in 1692, leaving one son named William. She subsequently, July 24th, 1693, married Jonathan Stevens, who had leased Lysbeth Brower's farm at the Hoeck in Scotia, in 1697. He came from New England, and was born in 1675. Before his death he owned a home lot in Schenectady, and a farm about four miles northeast of the town, on the north side of the Mohawk River. At his death he left surviving two sons, named Hendricus and Arent, also two daughters, named Annatje and Dina.

Hendricus, the oldest, born November 10, 1697, married May 29th, 1730, Maria Phoenix of New York. He resided there, and on his decease left two sons surviving him, viz: Arent and Johannes.

Arent, the youngest son of Jonathan, born July 26th, 1702, married, first, Maritje, daughter of William Hall, February 3d, 1726; second, Mary Griffiths, widow of Lieutenant Thomas Burrows, February 4th, 1749. Arent died May 17th, 1758. For more than twenty years before his decease he acted as Indian interpreter, and was often employed by Sir William Johnson in negotiations with the different tribes. He had by his two marriages six sons and four daughters, respectively named Jonathan, William, Nicholas, John, Jacobus, Richard, Catrina, Maria, Lea and Anna. There is only proper room to particularize one of them.

Jonathan, his oldest child, born December 1st, 1726, who as first Lieutenant under Captain William McGinnis, with eighty-nine men of Schenectady, was at the battle of Fort George, September 7th, 1755, where both officers were killed, and the company then decimated; this was the preliminary ambush fight with Baron Dieskaw, where the great King Hendrick and the gallant Colonel Ephraim Williams (the munificent founder of Williams College, and after whom it was named) were killed. According to Sir William Johnson's official report, the Schenectady officers and men "fought like lions."

Jonathan Stevens was less than thirty years of age and unmarried, at the time he was killed. Captain McGinnis married Margaret, daughter of Peter Veeder, February 21st, 1751, and left an only child, Alexander, who died February 13, 1770.

Jacques Cornelius Van Slyck was the fifteenth and last proprietor. He was possessed of a large landed interest, made his will on the 8th day of May, 1690, and died soon afterwards, aged fifty years, leaving a widow, Margaret, daughter of Harman Janse Ryckman of Albany, who, on the 21st day of Febraury, 1692, married her brother-in-law, Adam Vrooman, who so gallantly defended his dwelling, when his wife, Angelica (the sister of Margaret), with her infant child, were killed and two of his sons, Barent and Walter were carried into captivity.

Harman, the oldest son of Jacques, born March 26th, 1704, married Jane, daughter of Adam Vrooman. He was captain of a Schenectady company in 1714, and Indian trader in 1724. He received a grant of three hundred morgans of land, at Canajoharie, for the Mohawks, because "his grandmother was a right Mohawk woman," and "his father born with us at Canajoharie." He also inherited a farm from his father on the first flat. He left a numerous family of children, and made his will November 1st, 1731. He died December 20th, 1734, leaving to his sons, Adam, James and Harmanus, one-half of his 2,000 acres of land at Canajoharie, known as Van Slyck's patent.

Cornelius, second son of Jacques, born on the 10th day of February, 1696, married Clara Janse Bradt of Albany. He lived upon the first flat.

Hendrick, son of Cornelius, born June 6th, 1729, married Catharina, daughter of Cornelius Slingerland; they had one child, Clara, who married Johannes J. Vrooman.

Anthony, son of Cornelius, born November 19th, 1730, married Margaret Van Slyck; they had one child, Cornelius, born 12th of April, 1731, who was the father of Harmanus Van Slyck, formerly a sheriff of Schenectady County. This Harmanus married Annatje, daughter of John Haverly, October 28th, 1798, and was the father of Anthony H. Van Slyck, born June 22d, 1800, who was, for one term, sheriff of Schenectady County, and died January 6th, 1810. He married Wemple Haverly.

Adrian, son of Cornelius, October 17th, 1736, married Jannetje Viele; for his second wife, Bregie, daughter of Carel Hansen Toll, November 26th, 1741. Adrian was killed July 18th, 1748, in the Beukendahl massacre. Their daughter Clartje, November 7th, 1742, married Anthony Van Slyck.

Harmanus, son of Cornelius, August 16th, 1729, married first, Lydia, daughter of Harmanus Vedder; secondly, in 1738, Sarah Vischer. He was an Indian trader. He left surviving him four sons and six daughters, of whom his daughter Elizabeth married Gerrit Van Slyck, and his daughter Maria married Peter Symonse Veeder.

Cornelius, son of Cornelius, trader, March 11th, 1733, married Jannetje, daughter of Abraham Truax. He left surviving him several children, of whom his daughter, Gertrude, married John Lambert, the renowned schoolmaster of Schenectady, who taught the boys of a generation, now all passed away, how to become men. Some of his pupils subsequently became distinguished as men of mark in church, law and state.

Albert, son of Cornelius, September 17th, 1733, married Sarah, daughter of Jan Danielse Van Antwerpen. They had three daughters, viz: Clara, Agnes and Lena.

Peter, son of Cornelius, August 30th, 1734, married Angelica, daughter of Dominie Reinhard Erickson, pastor of the Dutch church of Schenectady from 1728 to 1736. They had three sons and four daughters, of whom their son Cornelius, March 30th, 1764 married Catarina, daughter of Peter Veeder; and their son Adrian married Annatje, daughter of William Lighthall. Their daughter Clara married John Steers, and their daughter Annatje married Johannes Barhydt.

Col. Jacobus (James), son of Captain Harman, the oldest son of Jacques, was born May 28th, 1704. He married Catalina, a daughter of Samuel Bradt, September 2d, 1732. He was commanding officer of Schenectady in 1754, a member of the provincial assembly in 1750, also in 1771. His son Harmanus, born August 5th, 1733, married Anna, a daughter of Alexander Glen, September 26th, 1767. His daughter Annatje, married Philip Ryley.

Adam, another son of Captain Harman, born March 5th, 1721, married September 19th, 1747, Catharina, daughter of Jan Baptist Van Eps, and their son Harmanus married Maria, a daughter of Isaac Vrooman, December 5th, 1771, by whom he had a son named Adam, who removed to Montgomery County.

Adam also left a daughter, a sister of Harmanus, named Helena, born August 5th, 1759, who married Samuel Thorn, Esq. They were the parents of Jonathan Thorn, a gallant lieutenant in the United States Navy, who distinguished himself under Decatur in the war with Tripoli; and was one of the daring party that retook and destroyed the frigate Philadelphia under the guns of the Tripolitan batteries. He lost his life in the command of the exploring expedition sent out by John Astor to the Columbia River. They were also the parents of Herman Thorn, the millionaire of New York, and several other much-respected children.

Marten, the third son of Jacques Cornelise, married, March 23d, 1701, Margaret Gerritse Van Vranken. They had several children, viz: Jacob, Margaret, Ariantje, Susanna and Petrus, the last born October 30th, 1709, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Jesse De Graff, April 9th, 1738. He was a captain in Colonel Abraham Wemple's company of the Revolutionary War.
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