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Name Richard HARRISON, 10G Grandfather
Birth 1600, West Kirby, Cheshire, England
Death 25 Oct 1653, Branford, Connecticut
Private Note Immigrated By 1644
1 Sarah YORKE, 10G Grandmother
Birth abt 1600
Marriage abt 1620, West Kirby, Cheshire, England
Children Thomas (1630-1704)
Notes for Richard HARRISON
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From Internet: RICHARD HARRISON (c1596-25 Oct 1653) married Sarah Yorke in West Kirby, Cheshire, England. They are recorded in New Haven, present-day CT by 1644. He died in Branford, CT. Richard was likely part of the Puritan immigration to New England; certainly, he was a Puritan. Reportedly, Richard Harrison's first cousin was the Puritan military leader Thomas Harrison (1606-13 Oct 1660), a member of the English parliament and a close associate of Oliver Cromwell. In 1649, then Colonel Thomas Harrison commanded the escort force for the captured King Charles I.
Thomas was a leader in the Commission that tried and sentenced Charles to death. As a major general, and on Cromwell's orders, Thomas closed the Rump Parliament in 1653. The next year, Cromwell accused Thomas of treason and sent him to the Tower of London. He was later released, but was eventually executed for treason by Charles' son, King Charles II.
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