Person Sheet

Name John CLARK
Birth 1608, Chelmsford, Eng
Death 5 Feb 1674, Milford, New Haven
Private Note Came 1631 on the "Lyon". Fought in Peuqot War.
1 Elizabeth X
Birth England
Death bef 1662, Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut
Children Elizabeth (~1622-)
Notes for John CLARK
Spouses;The Founders of Saybrook Colony;Emigrated from Ipswich Co.,
Suffolk, arriving on the "Lyon" in 1631. He was an early settler of
Cambridge, Ma.; was a juror in 1631; a freeman on 6 Nov 1632; and fought in the
Pequot War. He was one of 42 men assigned land at Newtown (now Cambridge), on 29
Mar 1632. He removed to Hartford in 1636 where he was an original settler, his
name appears on the monument. He was Deputy to the General Court for Hartford
from 1641 through 1644. He removed to Saybrook where his deputy service at the
General Court began the first year Saybrook had representation, and served
from 1649 through 1663; he was a member of the war committee for Saybrook in
May 1653 and Oct. 1654; was Selectman in 1656; was appointed a Commissioner
(Justice) in 1644; and named one of 19 Patentees of the Royal Charter of Charles
II in 1662. He removed to Norwich for a short time, then to Milford where he was
Commissioner from 1665 to 1674. His will was dated 17 Feb 1673 and signed 19
Jan 1673; Birth and Death;10/5/90 Colonial Families of the USA, Mackenzie,
Vol. IV; p. 94-97;
Notes for Elizabeth (Spouse 1)
!Will of John Clark, copy in "HEAR____SAYE", Volume X, No 3, Issue #
35, Fall
1995. Ref: Hale, House and Related Families;
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