Buffalo River in Arkansas

Arkansas is called the natural state. A friend of mine had gone canoning in the Ozarks in the Buffalo River region of northern Arkansas and highly recommended it. I decided to stop over 2 nights on my way from Dallas to Chicago. This is an area of surprising natural beauty and fun to explore.

I visited in August when the river levels are down and not very good for canoning, but there are few tourists. The Tyler Bend area is great for hiking and I also went horseback riding at Cinder Ridge Ranch.

I stayed in a cabin managed by the The Buffalo River Outfitters. I ate breakfast at Fergusons, lunch at Coursey's - famous for smoked meat, but a good dinner restaurant was a problem to find since this is a dry area.

Tyler Bend Sign Tyler Bend Visitor Center Hike Outlook Distant Outcrop Lincoln Library
Tyler Bend Sign & Map Visitor Center Overlook on Hiking Trail Distant Outcrop Typical Outcrop
Buffalo River Outfitters Cabin Living Room Bedroom Area Fergusons Courseys Meats
Buffalo River Outfitters Cabin Living Room Downstairs Bedroom Ferguson's for Breakfast Coursey's for Lunch