Essay Orientation

The lead essay is a magnificent classic: Thomas Jefferson's evaluation of George Washington. This is a treasure I hope each visitor will read! The companion Washington Anecdote shows his character in action. You will learn new, fascinating things in my essay on Alexander G. Bell. The Y2K article is a fun snapshot of what happened to me during the transition to 2000. "Speak Truth to Power" is a satirical and analytical look at Bill Clinton. For history buffs, there is Pope Urban II's masterful speech in 1095 that launched the crusades. And for a change of pace, there is the wicked wit of H. L. Mencken on the graveyard of the gods. There are excerpts of 4 of Churchill's stirring speeches during the darkest days of WWII and a short, powerful speech to the troops at the commencement of the Iraq War by Lt-Colonel Tim Collins. There is an illuminating Analysis of Islam by Paul Stout and his brief, penetrating explanation of faith, morality and facts in Morals Without Faith. Bob Stubblefield precisely identifies the philosophical errors in the Arguments Against Objectivism. Finally, there are Earl Spencer's emotional eulogy for his sister, the beloved Princess Diana, the "Great Liberator" eulogy delivered by Margaret Thatcher at the funeral of President Ronald Reagan, and VP Dick Cheney's understated, but powerful eulogy for President Gerald Ford.


Essays on Other Sites

The Desolate Wilderness, the Wall Street Journal annual editorial, is the brief, moving account of the Pilgrim's departure in 1620. Half of them died during their first four months in America.
Steve Job's Commencement Address at Stanford in 2005 (Video) is a genuine motivation to change the world in a postive way.