4 branches

In the above diagram, the names of all individuals and all 4 branches are clickable.

I became interested in my family tree at age 10 when I saw the hand-drawn trees of my Swedish ancestors and read the thrilling story of Halfward Bryngelsson, my ancestor. This 50 page document had been created in 1936. I have made several genealogical research trips to Sweden, Norway and Scotland. Also I have done research and field work in Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Connecticut and Canada.

This section has links to pages on my father, my mother, my brother, my famous cousins, the original owner of Ground Zero, my famous Mohawk ancestor and other ancestors.

Ways to Explore My Family Tree

1. You can trace the ancestral tree, family group by family group, of each grandparent by clicking on their name.
2. You can explore their tree for surnames of interest by clicking on "Ancestor Surnames".
3. Clicking on "Big Picture" gives an overall diagram, introductory material and an index of all names in that branch.


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