This page contains links to the three scholarships that I have established:

Those three pages list the recipients and explain the origins and criteria for each of these permanently endowed and independently managed scholarships.

These three Scholarships have been awarded to a total of 62 students as of September 2023.
For background information and a photo, click on student's name or visit the specific Scholarship page.
Year No. Scholarship Winner Scholarship Attending
2023 62  Andrew J. Chandler  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
61  Annie Li  Parrish CS  University of Texas
60  Halle Laursen  Anderson  Wayne State College
2022 59  Thomas Edwards  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
58  Joyce Lai  Parrish CS  University of Texas
57  Brooklyn Cavanaugh  Anderson  Iowa State University
2021 56  Taylor Moore  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
55  Emily Thompson  Parrish CS  University of Texas
54  Emma Ahrendsen  Anderson  Iowa State University
2020 53  Madissen Lawrence  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
52  Joanne Chen  Parrish CS  University of Texas
51  Shelby Johnson  Anderson  Iowa Lakes Community College
2019 50  Denise Orege  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
49  Hannah Hughes  Parrish CS  University of Texas
48  Grace Berberich  Anderson  University of Iowa
2018 47  Owen M. Swanberg  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
46  Santiago Cortes  Parrish CS  University of Texas
45  Melissa Lansink  Anderson  Northwestern College
2017 44  Nolan Cardona  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
43  Robert San Soucie  Parrish CS  University of Texas
42  Jennifer Sievers  Anderson  South Dakota State University
2016 41  Wyatt Hull  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
40  Jake Crabtree  Parrish CS  University of Texas
39  Claire Blomberg  Anderson  University of Missouri
2015 38  Joanna Bridgwater  Parrish CS  University of Texas
37  Paige Bennett  Anderson  Drake University
2014 36  Wyatt Lauer  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
35  Samantha Miller  Parrish CS  University of Texas
34  Gloria Jensen  Anderson  Iowa State University
2013 33  Ravi Nagaraju  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
32  Robert Perce  Parrish CS  University of Texas
31  Austin Glawe  Anderson  Northwestern College
2012 30  Ian McInerney  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
29  Jarran Pedersen  Parrish CS  University of Texas
28  Janae Smith  Anderson  Iowa State University
2011 27  Reid McKenzie  Parrish CS  University of Texas
26  Maggie Patterson  Anderson  Augustana College
2010 25  Alfonso Raymundo  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
24  Andrew Willey  Parrish CS  University of Texas
23  Jessica Romo  Anderson  Nebraska Christian College
2009 22  Zach Pringnitz  Parrish CS  University of Texas
21  Christopher Sievers  Anderson  Iowa State University
2008 20  Jeremy Bruecken  Parrish EE  Iowa State University
19  Emily Russell  Parrish CS  University of Texas
18  Jessica Skelton  Anderson  University of Northern Iowa
2007 17  Christopher Renard  Parrish CS  University of Texas
16  Steven Postolka  Anderson  Morningside College
2006 15  Thomas Jack  Parrish CS  University of Texas
14  Grant Middendorff  Anderson  University of Iowa
2005 13  Brandon Bolling  Parrish CS  University of Texas
12  Cody Wittmaack  Anderson  University of Northern Iowa
2004 11  Jason Petersen  Parrish CS  University of Texas
10  Kyle Rehnstrom  Anderson  University of Arkansas
2003 9  Shan Wang  Parrish CS  University of Texas
8  Alison Sickelka  Anderson  Iowa State University
2002 7  David Yu  Parrish CS  University of Texas
6  Nathan Wittmaack  Anderson  University of Northern Iowa
2001 5  Megan Beck  Parrish CS  University of Texas
4  Matt Jacobson  Anderson  Iowa State University
2000 3  Amanda McClatchey  Anderson  Iowa State University
1999 2  Luke Struve  Anderson  Iowa State University
1998 1  Justin Mosbo  Anderson  Luther College