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In this section, I have begun to collect some favorite things. You can select them in the navigation box. Each time you enter or refresh this page you will get a favorite random quote. See them all.

Currently there are favorite pages for photos of me with Famous People, links to Commercial Websites, links to Friends Websites, an initial Works of Art collection, an initial Music Videos & Slideshows collection, my favorite 50 books and an initial video collection.

I have a few eclectic choices: insightful perspectives on the solar system, and an interesting optical illusion with a link to magic trick, and even a page dedicated to a 1962 high school shirt.

Finally there are links to sites to find the Time Around the World, to check your weight the scientific way and to calculate how much longer your have to live.

Please share some of your favorites for potential inclusion on this site. You can e-mail me at parrish@prodigy.net.