Favorite Works of Art

This is where I will be accumulating some of my favorite Works of Art. This will be a long process so many of my favorites are not yet included. I'm not adding works on a priority basis, but on an opportunistic basis. Please let me know about your favorite work of art for possible inclusion. I have spent a lot of time to find the best scans on the Internet of these favorite works of art. If you find a better copy, please let me know. Click on thumbnail to enlarge work which will autoclose in 20 seconds.

For realistic romantic works, visit Quent Cordair Fine Art. I enjoyed my 2001 visit to their California Gallery.

Another site for your viewing pleasure is The Art Renewal Center, the largest on-line museum on the Internet.

Thumbnail Size Title Artist Comments
thumbnail 188K The Milkmaid
Johannes Vermeer I saw a picture of this painting in a book when I was five years old. It became, and remains, my favorite painting. Thirty years later I saw the original in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
thumbnail 156K Girl with a Pearl Earring
Johannes Vermeer Vermeer captures the moment as she has turned her head and is about to speak. The brilliance of Vermeer's technical mastery is shown in the face. There is not a single line. The original is in the Mauritshuis in the Hague.
thumbnail 145K Boy with Rollerskates
Wade Reynolds The original (acrylic on paper) is in my personal collection. Wade Reynolds has been called the Father of California Realism. This was my first major purchase and Lynn Latimer joined me for the elaborate pre-sale unveiling.
thumbnail 101K Portrait of Eleanor
Wade Reynolds The original (acrylic on paper) is in my personal collection and was painted when she was 76. Eleanor Boardman was a famous silent screen actress and was the wife of Oscar-winning director King Vidor who directed Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead in 1947.
thumbnail 124K Don Manuel Osorio
Francisco Jose de Goya The original is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Goya, one of the greatest Spanish painters, loved children and had 20 of his own. The dignity and reserve of this noble child create a presence keeping the cats from pouncing on his magpie.
thumbnail 112K Hylas and the Nymphs
John William Waterhouse The original is in the Manchester City Art Gallery. Hylas,companion of Hercules, was sent to fetch water, but was never seen again.
thumbnail 128K Watson and the Shark
John Singleton Copley The original is in the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Copley, the famous portrait painter, stunned people with this dramatic scene based on a real life incident in Havana.
thumbnail 99K Bust of Queen Nefertiti
~1340 bc
Unknown Egyptian artist working in Thutmose's workshop This is one of the greatest works of art of the pre-modern world and an icon of ancient Egypt. The original is in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin and was discovered almost undamaged by a German expedition in 1912. Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaten and her classic beauty has been preserved for over 3300 years. The right eye was never finished.
thumbnail 88K Perseus with the Head of Medusa
Benvenuto Cellini This photo does not do justice to this magnificent, heroic work. For over 4 centuries, it has stood outside in the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence. Cellini was a goldsmith and a student of Michelangelo. His masterful casting of this statue was itself a triumph.