My Diplomas and Certificates are at the bottom of this page: University of Texas,   University of Chicago,
Bell Labs Graduate Study Program,    Texas Ex-Student Association,   W. W. Samuell High School,
Circumnavigators Club Membership,   Sons of the American Revolution Membership

I am a member or am affiliated with several clubs and organizations. Also I'm the Webmaster and Board Member of the Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club and the Fox Valley Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Finally I was elected Precinct Committeman for the Libertarian Party on March 28, 2002 for Precinct 12 of Downers Grove Township in DuPage County, Illinois, and served two years.
Category Club or Organization Comments
Civic  Sons of the American Revolution  I have 12 ancestors in the American Revolution.
 SAR Fox Valley Chapter  I'm Webmaster and former President of the chapter.
 Morton Arboretum  A huge outdoor museum of trees in Lisle, Illinois.
Educational  College of DuPage  Local Community College I attended.
 University of Chicago  Graduate Alma Mata
 University of Texas  Undergraduate Alma Mata
 UT Ex-Students Association  I'm a life member with my photo in the Legend's Room.
Financial  New Orleans Investment Conf.  I attend "Jim Blanchard's" conference each year.
Genealogy  Newberry Library  I'm a member of Chicago's best genealogy library.
 New England Society  Members search site for New Eng. genealogy org.
 Olive Tree Genealogy  Lorine Schulze's website for Dutch genealogy.
Philosophy  The Atlas Society  One of the two major Objectivist organizations.
 The Atlasphere  Objectivist Networking and News site
 New Intellectual Forum  Marsha Enright's famous Objectivist salon in Chicago.
Political  National Libertarian Party  Attended first convention in 1972. I'm a life member.
 Libertarian Party of Illinois  I'm a co-founder and life member of the LPI.
 DuPage Libertarian Party  I'm a co-founder of the first county LPI organization.
 National Taxpayers Union  Tax fighters. See how politicians voted.
 National Taxpayers United of IL  This is the top tax fighting organization in Illinois.
 Reason Foundation  Source of the privitization movement worldwide.
 The Heartland Institute  The best midwest Libertarian think tank.
Travel  Circumnavigators Club  Club for people who have circumnavigated the globe.
 Circumnavigators, Chicago  I'm Webmaster & a Board Member in Chicago.
 Most Traveled People  I'm a top ranked world traveler
 Travelers Century Club  I finished this travel list in Feb 2017. Got award.
 Nomad Mania  I'm a top ranked world traveler  I'm in top 25 on this site for WHS enthusiasts

My Diplomas and Certificates

W. W. Samuell High School Diploma - 1 June 1962

High School Diploma My parents sent me to private school in 1950 for one year because my birthday was too late to qualify for the public schools. From 2nd thru 6th grade I attended Urban Park Elementary School five blocks from my home. From 7th thru 9th grade, I attended John B. Hood Jr High School. From 10th thru 12th, I attended W. W. Samuell High School. In high school, I was a high honor graduate - one of 16 in a class of 540. Photo page 272 of the Torch year book. My senior year I won the High School Math Contest at Samuell and won the Slide Rule award presented by the Engineers Club of Dallas to the best student in each high school in Math and Science. My fellow seniors selected me as the male "Most Likely to Succeed". Photo page 123. Graduation week many senior and some teachers signed a special shirt. I brought the shirt to the 40th and 50th reunions. Notice my Teachers and the Principal signed my Diploma.

University of Texas Diploma - 4 June 1966

UT Diploma In the fall of 1962, I started my Freshman year at the University of Texas in Austin. At the end of the first semester, I was selected as Class Champion in my fencing class by Ed Barlow, the head of required PE. He had the other 60 guys in class line up, and I defeated all of them in a one touch contest. I majored in Math. In my senior year just back from Germany, I showed up at the organizing meeting of the German Club and was elected President. On June 4, 1966, I received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors. President Johnson and Lady Bird were in attendance because their elder daughter like me was among the 4,000 graduates in the plaza below The Tower of the University of Texas.

University of Chicago Diploma - 8 June 1968

UofC Diploma In the fall of 1966, I started my graduate work at the University of Chicago in Computer Science. This was one of the early Masters programs in Computer Science anywhere. There were virtually no books except for programming manuals. We studied academic papers on a variety of topics, e.g., proving program correctness and artificial intelligence. We were solving various problems in a variety of programming languages. My parents drove up from Dallas to attend my graduation on June 8, 1968. The ceremony was full of medieval regalia and splendor in the atmospheric Rockefeller Chapel.

Bell Labs Graduate Study Program Certificate - June 1968

Bell Labs GSP I started work at Bell Labs June 10, 1966 as a Member of Technical Staff (the highest technical level) in Holmdel, New Jersey. In September 1966, Bell Labs relocated me to the brand new Indian Hill Laboratory in Naperville, Illinois near Chicago which focused on Electronic Switching Systems. These Systems transformed the entire telephone network in the world. Bell Labs paid me full salary while I worked part time and they paid for my Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. I also attended some in-house training on telephone switching topics. This Graduate Study Program was a tremendous investment in new employees. And it changed my entire life.

Texas ExStudents Association Life Membership - 29 May 1967

Texas Exes In 1967 less than a year after graduation from the University of Texas, I became a Life Member of the Texas Ex-Students Association. In 2000, I endowed the Parrish Computer Science Scholarship. It is managed by the Texas Ex-Students Association and annual winners are selected by the Computer Science department. As part of endowing the scholarship, I was asked to submit a photo for the Legends Room. I submitted a photo of myself and Margaret Thatcher. Typicaly I visit Austin in September each year to meet the current Parrish CS scholarship winner at the Scholarship banquet of the Ex-Students Association.

Circumnavigators Club Membership - 16 November 1989

Alumni Center The joined Circumnavigators Club, founded in 1902, in 1989. The requirement for membership was a trip around the world. My first Circumnavigation in 1971 which took 6 weeks was packed with visits to famous and historic places. In 1999, I became Treasurer of the Chicago Chapter serving for 5 years. I created the Website for the chapter in 2001. I am the longest serving Board Member and remain the Webmaster. In 2011, to honor the achievement of Amundsen on its 100th anniversary I made 100 circumnavigations around the South Pole. My article on the South Pole was published in the Circumnavigator's Log. It can be accessed from my trip report.

Sons of the American Revolution Membership - 25 July 1990

Alumni Center In the 1980s and early 1990s, I worked at the Newberry Library in Chicago, the Case Western Reserve Library in Cleveland, the library of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston, and at local libraries in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine to trace the Parrish branch of my family tree. This was slow, patient work, but yielded high quality, trustworthy results. The discoveries included 5 ancestors on the Mayflower and 12 ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. I became a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, and later served for 5 years as President of the Fox Valley Chapter of the SAR. I remain on the Board serving as Webmaster.