Friends Websites

Friends, as you move to the web, please let me know at so I can include you in the table below:

Name Type of Site Comments about Friend
 Al Barshefsky  Photo Gallery  Al is a Bell Labs fellow.
 Ron Basinger  Photo Gallery  Ron is a former Lucent executive.
 Joe Colson  Photo Gallery!!  Joe is a former Lucent executive.
 Steve Cuppy  Business  Steve is a former Lucent pioneer on Japan
 John Davis  Photo Gallery  Objectivist. Attends TOC summer seminars.
 John Enright  Personal  Objectivist. Focus on his book and his blog.
 Marsha Enright  Professional  Objectivist site for the Fountainhead Institute
 Jan Eilers  Personal  German friend. Site in English, annual reviews in German
 Mary Feay  Personal/Earthwatch  Former Lucent manager. Links to volunteer travel info
 Rick Gaber  Ideological  Libertarian/Objectivist. Many interesting links
 Mark Gauldin  Consulting Firm  Associated Consulting Firm
 Delta Greene  Photo Gallery  Delta is a former Lucent manager
 Jacob Grier  Personal  Jacob is an Objectivist at Vanderbilt University
 Stephen Hicks  Personal  Objectivist Philosophy Professor
 Gary Horsfield  Personal & Fun  Takeoff on the Rat Pack. American cultural impact in UK.
 Chuck Hunnicutt  Photo Gallery  Chuck is a former Lucent executive.
 Carol Low  Professional  Objectivist who is a Clinical Psychologist
 Pat Peterson  Photo Gallery  Libertarian with a family photo site.
 Ken Prazak  Ideological  Libertarian with local radio show.
 David Saum  Photos & Fun Stuff  Objectivist who has his own company
 Chris Matthew Sciabarra  Personal  A famous Objectivist Author
 Ted Semon  Personal  A Libertarian who has a tutorial on prostate cancer
 Steve Stevens  Personal  Former Lucent manager. Inspirational site with Old Bikes!
 Thomas Stone  Personal  Personal and Professional Website
 Jim Weichel  Photo gallery  Former Lucent Executive
 Dave Wahlstedt  His own company  Objectivist who owns historic B&B