Favorite Commerical Websites

Here is just a small selection of some of my favorite sites. Please share your favorites sites with me.

Category Web Site Comments
Computer  Apple Computer  Mac is insanely great!
 DSL Speed Test  Best, fastest and most accurate test
 Intuit  Top financial software
 Microsoft  Can't escape them
Consumer  Froogle  Comparison shopping
 Gethuman  Avoid phone trees, get human support quickly.
Financial  Bob Brinker  Listen to him on radio 890 AM Sat & Sun 3 - 6 pm
 Fidelity  Top mutual fund company
 Vanguard  Almost top mutual fund company
Family Tree  Olive Tree Genealogy  This is Lorine Schulze's web site
 New England Society  Members Search Site
Fun  Frontiernet  How old were you when major events happened?
 Birthday Calendar  Fun statistics about the day you were born.
 E-mail Greeting Cards  Send free customized e-cards and/or order flowers
 Unique Computer Clock  Interesting Scrolling Clock
 How many with your name?  Get a count in the USA.
 Sudoku on the Internet  Site times your speed at different difficulty levels.
History  Animated Atlas  Clever review of US history
 Civil War in 4 Minutes  Clever week by week summary of the war.
 Independence Hall Virtual Reality  Click on "full screen" and & move mouse.
Magazines  Forbes  Best business magazine
 Reason  Thinking person's magazine
News  Digg  Readers rate news articles
 Drudge  A key news source
 Global Incidents Map  Updated every 30 minutes
 Newspaper Front Pages  Around the world, updated daily. Click to enlarge.
Politics  National Libertarian Party  First American Political Party with a web site
 Illinois Libertarian Party  All 50 States have web sites
 DuPage Libertarian Party  Local county LP organization
Reference  Reference Desk  Best source for facts on the web
 How Stuff Works  Its name says it all. Excellent on-line education
 Aerial View of an Address  Fantastic aerial photos, just input a street address!
 Movie Data Base  Largest data base on all aspects of the movies
 Auto Recalls  Lots of auto related info
 Check Truth of Urban Legends  www.snopes.com is the place to check out rumours
 Sunrise and Sunset Times  The times for any place in the world
 What's in a name?  Origins of first names from all cultures
Spanish  Grammar Exercises 1  Barbara Nelson's site
 Grammar Exercises 2  Site of Matthew Stroud of Trinty college
 studyspanish.com  Comprehensive coverage of all topics
 Idiom Drill  Unique drill for idioms at studyspanish.com
Travel  Visa Forms  Travel Document Express Visa Forms
 Universal Travel System  Leading travel agency for hard to reach places
University  College of DuPage  Community College where I've studied
 University of Chicago  Graduate Alma Mata 
 University of Texas  Undergraduate Alma Mata