Favorite Videos

I'm starting to accumulate videos on this page. The topics vary widely. Friends send me links to these gems that they found on the Internet. I'm not always sure who to credit. I have a separate page for favorite music videos and slideshows.

Be sure to turn your sound on. Click on Subject link to start. Please share your discoveries with me.

Subject Source Comments
Civil War in 4 Minutes Harvest Moon Studio This is a four minute summary of the Civil War set to the haunting Ashokan Farewell music. It was made for the Lincoln Library & Museum. See my trip report.
Randy Pausch's
Last Lecture
Last Lecture Website This is a profoundly moving and inspirational talk by Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, who died of pancreatic cancer on July 28, 2008. This is the full version of his talk. It is a guide for living.
Survival Jean-Jacques Annaud This is the Best Short Video of 2009. It is a 4 minute clip from The Bear, a 1988 feature length movie. This is an amazing 4 minute insight into animal psychology. How could this be filmed?
United States Growth Animated Atlas Sales This video shows the growth of the United States from 13 colonies to 50 states. This is an excellent 10 minute summary of key historical events and when each state entered the union. Great for kids and adults.