Favorite Music Slideshows & Videos

This page is where I'm starting to accumulate some favorite music slideshows or videos. Friends send me links to these creations that they found on the Internet. I'm not always sure who to credit for these compositions.

Be sure to turn your sound on. Click on title link to start. Please share your discoveries with me.

Title Music Comments
American Pie Don McLean The images help you to understand meaning of the haunting lyrics. You can see and re-experience the loss of innocence after the faublous fifties.
Elvis Elvis A YouTube of Elvis' top ten hits. See my trip report to Graceland.
Fernando Fernando
by Abba
This is a YouTube video of Fernando. A countdown of the 10 Ten Abba songs. Top 10 Abba songs.
Iwo Jima Visit God Bless the USA
by Lee Greenwood
This iPhoto slideshow video with panning & zooming on still photos of my 2007 visit to Iwo Jima takes 3 minutes to play, (file size of 144 megs).
Paul Potts Debut on Britian's Got Talent Nessun Dorma
by Giacomo Puccini
Paul Potts stunned Simeo Coe, other judges and the audience on the British equivalent of America Idol. He sang opera with an emotional impact. Over 156,000,000 people have viewed this You Tube video.
Three teenage
Italian tenors
O Sole Mio This contest of 3 young tenors shows the Opera DNA is in their Italian blood. The 14 year old prodigy, Gianluca Ginoble, won. Search his name on YouTube for more videos. The 3 tenors, now 16 & 17, formed IL VOLO in 2011. They are phenomenal!! Visit the IL VOLO site with links to many of their live performances. See a glorious background video about their group.
Por Ti Volaré
(Para mi bebita)
Por ti volaré
by Andrea Bocelli
"Andres3d" created this romantic tribute using the Spanish version of Time to Say Goodbye. Spanish lyrics & English translation is available here. Open them in a separate browser to enjoy the words with the video.
Take Me Back
To The Fifties
Medley of Ten 1950s
Classic Songs
This is a 7 minute educational & nostaglic montage capturing the experience of growing up in the 1950s.
Do You Remember
Statler Brothers
Shenandoah Video
A shorter 1950s trip down memory lane with some Burma Shave signs added to the photo montage.
You Raise Me Up You Raise Me Up
by Martin Hurkens
Martin Hurkens is a retired baker who got discovered on the Dutch TV program Holland's Got Talent. This video shows the emotional power of the human voice.
We Didn't Start the Fire We Didn't Start the Fire
by Billy Joel
Ye Li created this snappy historical photo montage of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s syncronized to Billy Joel's music.