Lincoln Library in Springfield

The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois was dedicated on April 19, 2005 in a ceremony attended by the Governor of Illinois and the President of the United States. I visited it just over two weeks later on May 6, 2005. This is a very special place combining amazing technical wizardry and unbelievable special effects with an emotional wallop when you see the bed in which Lincoln died. I highly recommend it. It does justice to the man and his legacy.

Unfortunately, photography is permitted only in the central plaza. So the photos below do not even hint at all of the contents of this impressive and well thought out memorial. I can promise you that people of all ages will enjoy themselves and learn something new about Lincoln and their country in this Museum.

There is tremendous creativity in the design of this magnificent facility. For example, be sure to see Lincoln's Eyes, Ask Mr. Lincoln, SBC Ghosts of the Library, etc.

The hour by hour timeline display of what Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth were doing on the day of the assassination is engrossing. Many intriguing details are presented: for example, John Wilkes Booth as one of the best known and compensated actors of his day made a salary equal to the President's. John Wilkes Booth, by a random turn of events, a month earlier had sat in the bed in which Lincoln died.

There is something here for everyone. This is an experience not to be missed.

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Old State Capitol Lincoln by his Law Office Lincoln Library Sign Street View of Library Hilton Tower by Library
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