Favorite Magic or Optical Illusions

Favorite Magic

This is a video clip of an amazing series of tricks using a glass table. Set in Japan, it is a nice mixture of Japanese and English. The performance keeps building to the delight of the astonished audience.

Favorite Optical Illusions

If you look at the image as a whole, it appears the circles are moving. But if you focus on one circle or two adjacent ones, they don't seem to move. The illusion seems to be triggered by saccadic eye motions. Saccades are rapid eye movements used in repositioning the fovea to a new location in the visual environment. They are both voluntary and reflexive. A fovea is a region of the retina where the concentration of rods and cones is the highest and therefore vision is the sharpest. Thanks to Merlin Jetton for this explanation.

Optical Illusion

Eight additional interesting illusions for your entertainment.