Presidential and Famous Cousins

Who are Cousins?

Cousins are people who share a common ancestor. This whole concept would be clear if we called our brothers and sisters our "zeroth" cousin. The common ancestor is a parent. First cousins have a common grandparent. Second cousins have a common great-grand parent and so on. The "removed" term measures the difference in the number of generations to the common ancestor. Thus the children of your second cousin are your second cousins, one time removed. A person may have millions of cousins, but he generally lacks the documentation to identify them.

New England Connections

The early immigrants to New England were self-chosen people. Most of them could read and write. They had very strong and advanced religious and political views. They kept very good records of births, deaths, marriages, land ownership, wills, town council meetings, etc. There is no place in the world as well documented for genealogical purposes for the past four centuries as New England. It is a treasure trove of information.

The total immigration to New England between 1620 and 1640 was just 22,000. These early immigrants had large families. As a result, there is a high probability for people who have 17th century New England ancestors being cousins and having the documentation to prove these connections. This is the case in the Parrish branch of my family tree.

U.S. Presidents Who Are My Cousins

For example, 11 U.S. Presidents are my distant cousins. Here are my ancestors common with at least two Presidents. Three Mayflower ancestors are bolded. The genealogy of the Presidents is documented in the authoritative reference "Ancestors of American Presidents" by Gary Boyd Roberts, 2009 edition. The reference page is given in the tables.

Trace the common ancestor down to my Grandfather, Timothy Maltby Parrish, by clicking on the child in each family.


My Ancestors Common with 11 U.S. Presidents

Our Common Ancestors


U.S. Presidents

 Robert Foote & Joan Brooke 438  Hayes / W. H. Taft / Nixon / both Bushes
 Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming 438  Hayes / both Bushes
 Ralph Hemingway & Elizabeth Hewes 439  W. H. Taft / Nixon
 John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley 446  F. D. Roosevelt / both Bushes
 Henry Howland & Margaret X 447  F. D. Roosevelt / Nixon / Ford / both Bushes
 Rev. John Lothrop & Hannah House 455  Grant / F. D. Roosevelt / both Bushes
 Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris 473  Fillmore / Grant / Coolidge
 Bernard Capen & Joan Purchase 473  Ulysses S. Grant / Calvin Coolidge
 Richard Warren & Elizabeth March 520  Ulysses S. Grant / F. D. Roosevelt
 Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker 520  Ulysses S. Grant / F. D. Roosevelt
 William Cheney & Margaret Cule 542  F. D. Roosevelt / W. H. Taft
 William Swift & Joan X 558  F. D. Roosevelt / Richard Nixon
 Rev. Stephen Batchelder 560  Richard Nixon / Gerald Ford
 Guleyn Vigne & Ariaentje Cuvilje 539  Theodore Roosevelt / F. D. Roosevelt
 Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather 631  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Famous Cousins

While researching, I frequently come across famous distant cousins. It's fun to discover these connections. As proof of the connection, I have supplied the common ancestors. You can keep clicking on the name of the child to trace my tree down to my grandfather, Timothy Maltby Parrish. If there is credible evidence on the internet, the famous person's name has been linked to it so you can see their lineage to the common ancestor.
Those Famous People (with a descriptive phrase) have it linked to Wikipedia for easy surfing.


Some Famous Distant Cousins with our linking Common Ancestors


Famous Person

Our Common Ancestors

Adventure  Amelia Earhart (Aviation Pioneer)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
Art  Georgia O'Keeffe (Flowers, Landscapes)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Frederick Olmstead (Landscape Architect)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Anna Mary Robertson (Grandma Moses)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
 Norman Rockwell  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Lorado Zadoc Taft (sculptor)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Louis Comfort Tiffany (Art Nouveau glass)  John Lathrope
 John Trumbull (Painter of the Revolution)  John Trumbull & Elinor Chandler
Business  Charles Crocker (California Capitalist)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 William C. Durant (GM Founder)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Alfred C. Fuller (Fuller Brush Founder)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 John Pierpont Morgan  Thomas Lathrop
 Potter Palmer (Chicago Businessman)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Charles W. Post (Kraft Food Founder)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Henry H. Rodgers (Standard Oil Leader)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Marjorie Merriweather Post (Top Socialite)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Joseph Wharton (MBA School Founder)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
Entertainment  Alec, Daniel, Stephen & William Baldwin  Sylvester Baldwin
 Lucille Ball  Deacon Isaac Cummings & Mary Andrews
 Humphrey Bogart  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Johnny Carson  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Glen Close  Thomas Lathrop
 Bing Crosby  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Clint Eastwood  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Richard Gere  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
 Julie Harris  William Peck & Elizabeth Holt
 Marilyn Monroe  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Cole Porter  William Peck & Elizabeth Holt
 Lillian Russell (19th/20th actress/singer)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Brooke Shields  Thomas Lathrop
 Sigourney Weaver  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
History  Benedict Arnold  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Clara Barton (Red Cross Founder)  William Hammond & Elizabeth Paine
 First Lady Barbara Bush  Judge Robert Coe & Mary X
 VP Dick Cheney  William Cheney & Margaret Cule
 Winston Churchill  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Thomas E. Dewey (Gov. of New York)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Princess Diana (See page 633 in ref above)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Sanford Dole (1st President Rep. of Hawaii)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 John Foster Dulles (Sec. of State)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Senator Sam Ervin (Chaired Watergate com.)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Nathaniel Gorham, Jr. (Signed Constitution)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Charles Guiteau (assasinated Pres. Garfield)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Prince Harry (See page 633 in ref above)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Sup. Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge II (VP cand.)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Gen. Douglas MacArthur  Rev. Nicholas Street & Catherine Poole
 Mitt Romney (Gov. of Massachusetts)  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Sarah Palin (Gov. of Alaska)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
 First Lady Edith (Theodore) Roosevelt  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt  David Pieterse Schuyler & Catalyn Verplanck
 Supreme Court Justice David Souter  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Jonathan Trumbull (Gov. of Connecticut)  John Trumbull & Elinor Chandler
 First Lady Beth Truman (Page 642 above)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 VP Henry Wallace  John Lathrope & Hannah House
 Prince William (See page 633 in ref above)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
Literature  Louis Stanton Auchincloss (Over 60 books)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Emile Dickinson  Daniel Warner & Mary X
 Ralph Waldo Emerson  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Ernest Hemingway  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
 O. Henry  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Herman Melville (Moby-Dick)  Gerrit Van der Poel & Cornelia Wynant
 John Steinbeck (The Grapes of Wrath)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Henry David Thoreau  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
 Laura Ingalls Wilder  Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker
Medicine  Dr. Benjamin Spock  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
Philosophy  Charles S. Peirce (Founder of Pragmatism)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
Religion  Henry Ward Beecher (Anti-slavery minister)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Increase Mather (Minister, Harvard Pres.)  Thomas Mather (father of Elizabeth Mather)
 Cotton Mather (Minister, Royal Society)  Thomas Mather (father of Elizabeth Mather)
 Joseph Smith (Mormon Prophet/Founder)  Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
 Brigham Young (Mormon Leader)  Reinold Marvin
Sports  Steve Young (NFL Quarterback)  Reinold Marvin
Technology  Dr. Lee De Forest ("Father of Radio")  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
 Willis H. Carrier (A/C Inventor)  Bernard Capen & Joan Purchase
 Dr. Edwards Deming (Quality Legend)  Parents of John & Elizabeth Deming
 Thomas Edison  Abraham Verplanck & Maria Vinge
 George Gilder (Internet Promoter)  John Lathrope
 Alan B. Shepard, Jr. (Astronaut)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March
 Wilbur & Orville Wright  Richard Warren & Elizabeth March

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