Presidential and Famous Cousins

Who are Cousins?

Cousins are people who share a common ancestor. This whole concept would be clear if we called our brothers and sisters our "zeroth" cousin. The common ancestor is a parent. First cousins have a common grandparent. Second cousins have a common great-grand parent and so on. The "removed" term measures the difference in the number of generations to the common ancestor. Thus the children of your second cousin are your second cousins, one time removed. A person may have millions of cousins, but he generally lacks the documentation to identify them.

New England Connections

The early immigrants to New England were self-chosen people. Most of them could read and write. They had very strong and advanced religious and political views. They kept very good records of births, deaths, marriages, land ownership, wills, town council meetings, etc. There few places in the world as well documented for genealogical purposes for the past four centuries as New England. It is a treasure trove of information.

The total immigration to New England between 1620 and 1640 was just 22,000. These early immigrants had large families. Thus there is a reasonable probability for people who have 17th century New England ancestors being cousins and having the documentation to prove these connections. This is the case in the Parrish branch of my family tree.

How Many Distant Famous Cousins Do I have?

I don’t know. I have documented over 300 so far. Here is some background info to help evaluate the situation.

These 22,000 immigrants to New England before 1640, are estimated to have over one hundred million descendants. My family tree research has yielded over 600 great grandparents in America. Of these about 250 are immigrants and 200 of them immigrated to New England before 1640.

I have 5 ancestors on the Mayflower in 1620. The descendants from the Mayflower total over 20 million. I have ancestors on the first Dutch ships to New Amsterdam in 1624. Thus I have roots in the bedrock of early New England.

The limiting factors in finding notable distant cousins are obvious: not all famous people have well researched genealogies up on the Internet. And there is no systematic discovery process to find ancestors common to my tree and their tree. This is just a minor hobby to find and document some of these connections. And it is fun to discover the interconnections between famous people.

U.S. Presidents Who Are My Cousins

For example, 11 U.S. Presidents are my distant cousins. Here are my ancestors common with at least two Presidents. Three Mayflower ancestors are bolded. The genealogy of the Presidents is documented in the authoritative reference "Ancestors of American Presidents" by Gary Boyd Roberts, 2009 edition. Reference pages are given in the tables.

Trace the common ancestor down to my Grandfather, Timothy Maltby Parrish, by clicking on the child in each family.


My Ancestors Common with 11 U.S. Presidents

Our Common Ancestors


U.S. Presidents

 Robert Foote & Joan Brooke 438  Hayes / W. H. Taft / Nixon / both Bushes
 Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming 438  Hayes / both Bushes
 Ralph Hemingway & Elizabeth Hewes 439  W. H. Taft / Nixon
 John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley 446  F. D. Roosevelt / both Bushes
 Henry Howland & Margaret X 447  F. D. Roosevelt / Nixon / Ford / both Bushes
 Rev. John Lothrop & Hannah House 455  Grant / F. D. Roosevelt / both Bushes
 Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris 473  Fillmore / Grant / Coolidge
 Bernard Capen & Joan Purchase 473  Ulysses S. Grant / Calvin Coolidge
 Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker 520  Ulysses S. Grant / F. D. Roosevelt
 Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker 520  Ulysses S. Grant / F. D. Roosevelt
 William Cheney & Margaret Cule 542  F. D. Roosevelt / W. H. Taft
 William Swift & Joan X 558  F. D. Roosevelt / Richard Nixon
 Rev. Stephen Batchelder 560  Richard Nixon / Gerald Ford
 Guleyn Vigne & Ariaentje Cuvilje 539  Theodore Roosevelt / F. D. Roosevelt
 Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather 631  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Famous Cousins aka Notable Kin

While spending many hundreds of hours in libraries in the 1980s researching, documenting and footnoting my family tree, I would sometimes come across famous cousins who, although distant, were famous enough that I enjoyed discovering the connection. Genealogists refer to them as “notable kin”. To demonstrate the connection, I have supplied the common ancestors in the table below.

By clicking on the name of the common ancestor(s) and then the child in each page you can trace down to my grandfather, Timothy Maltby Parrish. This is proof they are my ancestors. You can click on the famous person’s name to get their family tree. Then locate the common ancesor. This demonstrates the famous person is my cousin.

When I first created this page early in the 21th century, it was a challenge to find credible Internet evidence. From necessity, I had to use a variety of sources. And I noticed that in August 2020, that most of the links to genealogical evidence for my notable kin no longer worked or were no longer free. It was time for a reboot of this page.

In August 2020, I fixed or updated my existing links to my famous kin's genealogy. When possible I replaced them with links. I used the ahnentafel format. (See short video explanation.) This allows the user an easy, standardized way to verify my work - simply find the common ancestors from my tree in the ahnentafel of the notable person. In other cases for my cousins, I have supplied a link to the best available family tree like the comprehensive, which will require more effort than the ahnentafel format to verify the common ancestor. My goal is to provide sufficient evidence to prove their connection to the common ancestor. A few times I had to get creative.

Another nice aspect of the ahnentafel format is that one can sometimes discover multiple common ancestors with the same notable kin. And one can also see that the same ancestors may appear multiple times in one person's family tree. The power of two does not always apply tracing back to early New England roots as I discovered 40 years ago.

Click on the descriptive phrase for the Wikipedia article of the notable person to read about their accomplishments.

The cumulative effect of seeing 300 famous or notable cousins is astonishing and worth the effort to create this page! And it is a kind of dividend from all of the effort invested to create my family tree back in the 1980s.

Cousins are sorted into 20 categories with a (count). Their names appear only once & in the highest category.


303 of My Famous/Notable Cousins with our Common Ancestors


Famous Person

Our Common Ancestors

Adventure (1)  Amelia Earhart (Aviation Pioneer)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
Art (7)  Allyn Cox (Murals in US Capitol)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
 Kenyon Cox (Painter/Illustrator/Muralist)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
 Georgia O'Keeffe (Flowers, Landscapes)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Frederick Olmsted (Landscape Architect)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Norman Rockwell (Painter)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Louis Comfort Tiffany (Art Nouveau glass)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 John Trumbull (Painter of the Revolution)  John Trumbull & Elinor Chandler
Business (34)  William R. Barnes (Founder Barnes&Noble)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
 Sydney Biddle Barrows (Mayflower Madam)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 George H. Bissell (Founder Am. Oil Industry)  William Cheney & Margaret Cule
 Warren Buffett (Legendary Billionaire)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Eliphalet A Bulkeley (Founder Aetna Insur.)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Jonathan Bush (Founder of athenahealth)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Charles Crocker (Railroads & Banking)  James Crocker & Alice Swift
 Walt Disney (Global Icon--Won 22 Oscars)  Thomas French & Susan Riddelsdale
 Frank N. Doubleday (Founder of Doubleday)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 William C. Durant (GM Founder)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Marshall Field (Marshall Fields Founder)  Nicholas Baker & Mary Hodgetts
 Carly Fiorina (Hewlett-Packard CEO)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Henry C. Folger (Standard Oil NY President)  Christopher Hussey & Theodate Bachiler
 J. A. Folger (Folgers Coffee Founder)  Christopher Hussey & Theodate Bachiler
 Alfred C. Fuller (Fuller Brush Founder)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Hetty Green ("Witch of Wall Street")  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Francis H. Glidden (Glidden Founder)  Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris
 Benjamin Goodrich (B.F. Goodrich Founder)  John Deming, brother of Elizabeth Deming
 Hugh Hefner (Founder of Playboy)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Lewis Henry Lapham (Texaco Founder)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Henry Luce (Founder Time, Life, Sports,etc.)  Dr Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 John Pierpont Morgan (Financier & Banker)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Gilbert C. Noble (Founder Barnes&Noble)  John Taylor & Thankful Woodward
 Potter Palmer (Chicago Businessman)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Shanghai Pierce (Texas Cattleman)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Charles A. Pillsbury (Pillsbury Founder)  John Moulton & Anne Green
 Charles W. Post (Kraft Food Founder)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Marjorie Merriweather Post (Top Socialite)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Eliphalet Remington (Founder Remington)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Henry H. Rodgers (Standard Oil Leader)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Frederick Upton (Founder Whirlpool)  Joseph Parsons & Mary Bliss
 Thomas J. Watson, Jr. (IBM CEO/Diplomat)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Joseph Wharton (MBA School Founder)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Frank W. Woolworth (Founder Woolworths)  William Cheney & Margaret Cule
Entertainment (83)  Amy Adams (Nominated for 6 Oscars)  John Taylor & Thankful Woodward
 Ben Affleck (Won 2 Oscars/3 Golden Globes)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Alec Baldwin (Actor/Writer/Producer)  Sylvester Baldwin
 Daniel Baldwin (Actor/Director/Producer)  John Tilley & Joan Hurst
 Stephen Baldwin (Actor/Director/Producer)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 William Baldwin (Fashion Model/Actor)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Lucille Ball (Beloved TV Pioneer)  Deacon Isaac Cummings & Mary Andrews
 P. T. Barnum (Showman & Politician)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Orson Bean (Actor/Panelist/"Neocelebrity")  Allen Perley & Susanna X
 Halle Berry (Model/Oscar Best Actress)  John Moulton & Anne Greene
 Humphrey Bogart (Oscar for Best Actor)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Matt Bomer (Golden Globe/Critics Choice)  Christopher Hussey & Theodate Bachiler
 Jordana Brewster (Model/TV & Film Actress)  John Tilley & Joan Hurst
 Paget Brewster (TV Friends/Criminal Minds)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Billy Bush (Radio/TV Host & Parish Link)  John Parish & Mary Wattell
 David Carradine (TV Fung Fu/film Kill Bill)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Johnny Carson (Late Night TV Icon)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Chevy Chase (Actor/Comedian/Screenwriter)  John Tilley & Joan Hurst
 Julia Child (Gourmet Cook/TV Personality)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Dick Clark (American Bandstand)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Glenn Close (Award Winning Actress)  John Tilley & Joan Hurst
 Anderson Cooper (CNN TV Journalist)  Thomas Nash & Margery Baker
 Ted Danson (Award Winning TV Actor)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Matt Damon (1 of Highest Grossing Actors)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 James Dean (Rebel Without a Cause)  Christopher Hussey & Theodate Bachiler
 Clint Eastwood (Actor, Producer & Director)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Zac Efron (Film Actor & Singer)  Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris
 Scott Foley (Actor/Director/Screenwriter)  Stephen Bachiler
 Bridget Fonda (Nominations Golden Globes)  William Wilcockson & Margaret Harvey
 Henry Fonda (Hollywood Screen Legend)  Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris
 Jane Fonda (Award Winning Actress/Activist)  William Rockwell & Susanna Capen
 Peter Fonda (Oscar for writing Easy Rider)  Bernard Capen & Joan Purchase
 Jodie Foster (2 Oscars/3 Golden Globes)  John Meigs & Sarah Wilcockson
 Richard Gere (Award Winning Actor)  Jonathan Gillet & Mary Dolbiar
 Lillian Gish ("First Lady of Am. Cinema")  John Taylor & Thankful Woodward
 Kelsey Grammer (Actor/Director/Writer)  Stephen Bachiler
 Anna Gunn (Primetime Emmy Awards)  William Swift & Joan X
 Jake Gyllenhaal (Oscar Brokeback Mountain)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Maggie Gyllenhaal (Oscar Nomination)  Thomas Lathrop & Sarah Linnell
 George Hamilton (Actor/Lynda Bird Johnson)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch in Oz)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Richard Hatch (Actor/Battlestar Galactica)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Ethan Hawke (actor/writer/musician/director)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Ed Helms (Actor/Comedian/Singer)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 William Holden (OscarBestActor/1950s Star)  William Wilcockson & Margaret Harvey
 Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives)  Samuel Hickox & Hannah Upson
 Linda Hunt (Oscar Best Supporting Actress)  Stephen Bachiler
 Lily James (English TV/Film Actress)  John Tilley & Joan Hurst
 Don Knotts (5 Emmy Awards for TV sitcom)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Alan Ladd (Actor/"Shane" and Producer)  John Meigs & Sarah Wilcockson
 John Lithgow (Award Winning Actor)  Andrew Warner & Esther Wakeman
 Christopher Lloyd (Doc in Back to Future)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 William H. Macy (Actor/"Shameless")  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Lee Marvin (Oscar for Best Actor)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Marilyn Monroe (Actress & Singer & Icon)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Viggo Mortensen (3 Oscar Nominations)  Nathaniel Merriam & Joan X
 Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City Star)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Bill Paxton (Many Tributes to His Memory)  Isaac Cummings & Anne X
 Mizuo Peck (Played Sacagawea in Films)  William Peck & Elizabeth Holt
 Oliver Platt (Nominated for 8 Major Awards)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Christopher Reeve (Acclaimed Superman)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Lee Remick (Oscar Nomination Best Actress)  Shubael Dimock & Joanna Bursley
 Burt Reynolds (#1 Box Office Star 5 years)  John Tuttle & Katherine Lane
 Tim Robbins (Oscar Best Supporting Actor)  Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
 Mickey Rourke (Actor/Screenwriter/Boxer)  John Riddlesdale Father Susan Riddlesdale
 Lillian Russell (19th/20th Actress/Singer)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Kyra Sedgwick (Actress/Producer/Director)  William Crocker & Alice X
 Brooke Shields (Blue Lagoon/Endless Love)  Elizabeth Lathrop GGD of Rev John Lathrop
 J. K. Simmons (Oscar Best Supporting Actor)  Thomas Howlett & Lydia Peabody
 Andrew Shue (Actor/Former Soccer Player)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Elizabeth Shue (Oscar Nom. Best Actress)  William Wilcockson & Margaret Harvey
 James Spader (TV/Movie/Stage Actor)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Meryl Streep (Nom. for Record 21 Oscars)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Hilary Swank (2 Oscars Best Actress)  John Moulton & Anne Greene
 Shirley Temple (#1 Box Office Star & Icon)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings Trilogy)  John Meigs & Tamazin Fry
 Cash Warren (Movie Producer)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Lavinia Warren (dwarf circus performer/film)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 John Wayne (Hollywood Star/American Icon)  Joseph Parsons & Mary Bliss
 Tuesday Weld (Oscar BestSupportingActress)  Henry Cobb & Patience Hurst
 Orson Welles (actor/director/writer/producer)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Treat Williams (Starring Role in "Hair")  Robert Plumb & Mary Baldwin
 Joanne Woodward (Award Winning Actress)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
Fashion (3)  Cindy Crawford (Supermodel)  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
 Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated Model)  Joseph Parsons & Mary Bliss
 Gloria Vanderbilt (Artist/Fashion Designer)  Nicholas Baker & Mary Hodgetts
Governors, Never US President Nor US VP (29)  Owen Brewster (54th Gov of Maine)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Morgan Bulkeley (54th Gov of Connecticut)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Jeb Bush (43rd Gov of Florida)  Lt. Reinhold Marvin & Sarah Clark
 Barzilla W. Clark (16th Gov of Idaho)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Chase A. Clark (18th Gov of Idaho)  Christopher Hussey & Theodate Bachiler
 Henry Crapo (14th Gov of Michigan)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Howard Dean (76th Gov of Vermont)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Thomas E. Dewey (46th Gov of New York)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Eugene Foss (45th Gov of Massachusetts)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Ichabod Goodwin (27th Gov of NH)  Lt. Roger Plaisted & Olive Coleman
 Averell Harriman (48th Gov of New York)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Mike Huckabee (44th Gov of Arkansas)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Charles Evan Hughes (36th Gov New York)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Return J. Meigs, Jr. (4th Gov of Ohio)  John Meigs & Sarah Wilcox
 Sarah Palin (9th Gov of Alaska)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 John S. Pillsbury (8th Gov of Minnesota)  John Moulton & Anne Green
 Bill Richardson (30th Gov of New Mexico)  Lt. Roger Plaisted & Olive Coleman
 Winston Rockefeller (37th Gov of AK)  Daniel Son of Robert Rose & Margery X
 George Romney (43rd Gov of Michigan)  William Pratt & Elizabeth Clark
 Mitt Romney (70th Gov of Massachusetts)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
 Leverett Saltonstall (55th Gov of Mass.)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Sumner Sewall (58th Gov of Maine)  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
 James Youngs Smith (59th Gov of Rhode Is.)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Bob Taft (67th Gov of Ohio)  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
 Jonathan Trumbull (20th Gov of Connecticut)  John Trumbull & Elinor Chandler
 Cadwallader Washburn (11th Gov of WI)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Israel Washburn (29th Gov of Maine)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Bill Weld (68th Gov of Massachusetts)  Nathaniel Kirtland & Parnell X
 Jonathan Worth (39th Gov of North Carolina)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
History (34)  Benedict Arnold (Hero, then Traitor)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Stephen F. Austin (the "Father of Texas")  Anthony Austin & Esther Huggins
 Clara Barton (Red Cross Founder)  William Hammond & Elizabeth Paine
 Sir Robert Laird Borden (8th PM of Canada)  Thomas Farrar & Elizabeth X
 John Brown (Famous American Abolitionist)  Jonathan Gillet & Mary Dolbiar
 Kingman Brewster Jr (Yale President)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 John Chapman (Known as Johnny Appleseed)  Samuel Perley & Ruth Trumbull
 Erskine Childers (President of Ireland)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Winston Churchill ("Man of the Century")  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Cornplanter (Seneca War Chief)  David Pieterse Schuyler&Catalyn Verplanck
 William Rufus Day (Supreme Court Justice)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Tammy Duckworth (US Senator - Illinois)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 John Foster Dulles (US Secretary of State)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Senator Sam Ervin (Chaired Watergate com.)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Horace Gray (Supreme Court Justice)  Henry Cobb & Sarah Hinckley (2nd wife)
 Charles Guiteau (assasinated Pres. Garfield)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Orrin Hatch (US Senator from Utah)  Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
 Wild Bill Hickok (Gunfighter & Lawman)  William Hickok & Elizabeth X
 Francis Hinckley (Founder Univ. of Chicago)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Oliver Wendell Holmes (Sup. Court Justice)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Barbara Hutton ("Poor Little Rich Girl")  William Cheney & Margaret Cule
 Boris Johnson (UK Prime Minister)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge II (VP candidate)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Merrill Meigs (Publisher/Aviation Advocate)  John Meigs & Rebecca Clark
 Louis H. Morgan (Pioneering Anthropologist)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
 Diana, Princess of Wales (People's Princess)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (2nd)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (6th in Line)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Megan, Dutchess of Sussex (former actress)  Thomas Page & Mary Hussey
 Elihu Root (38th US Secretary of State)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Adlai Stevenson III (US Senator - Illinois)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Sir Charles Tupper (Prime Minister - Canada)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Elihu Washburne (25th US Secretary of State)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Noah Webster (First American Dictionary)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
Literature (25)  Louisa May Alcott (Little Women Author)  John Deming, brother of Elizabeth Deming
 Louis Stanton Auchincloss (Over 60 books)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Edgar Rice Burroughs (Author of Tarzan)  William Rockwell & Susanna Capen
 Stephen Crane (Red Badge of Courage)  Thomas Nash & Margary Baker
 Clarence Day (Life with Father)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Emily Dickinson (Unique Poet)  Daniel Warner & Mary X
 Ralph Waldo Emerson (Essayist/Philosopher)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Sam Walter Foss (The Coming American)  Christopher Hussey & Theodate Batchelder
 Ernest Hemingway (Nobel Prize in 1954)  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
 Erle Stanley Gardner (Perry Mason Series)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 O. Henry (Short Story Writer)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Oliver Wendel Holmes, Sr. (Poet/Polymath)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Louis L'Amour (Popular Western Writer)  Stephen Bachiler
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Poet)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 David McCullough (Historian/TV Narrator)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Herman Melville (Moby-Dick)  Gerrit Van der Poel & Cornelia Wynant
 Nathaniel Philbrick (In the Heart of the Sea)  Stephen Bachiler
 Kristine Rolofson (35 Romance Novels)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 John Steinbeck (The Grapes of Wrath)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Henry David Thoreau (Essayist/Philosopher)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on Prairie)  Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker
 Tennessee Williams (Famous Playwright)  Bernard Capen & Joan Purchase
 Don Winslow (Crime & Mystery Novels)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Constance Fenimore Woolson (Novelist)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
Medicine (2)  Thomas Hunt Morgan (Winner Nobel Prize)  James Ensign & Sarah X
 Dr. Benjamin Spock (Pediatrician)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
Military (5)  Admiral George Dewey (Victory in Manilla)  William Rockwell & Susanna Capen
 Gen. Joseph Hooker (Army of the Potomac)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Gen. Douglas MacArthur (5 Star General)  Rev. Nicholas Street & Catherine Poole
 Gen. Wiliam Sherman (First Modern General)  Rev. Nicholas Street & Catherine Poole
 Gen. Joseph G. Swift (1st Grad of West Point)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
Music (12)  Mary Chapin Carpenter (Singer-Songwriter)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Harry Chapin (Popular Singer-Songwriter)  John Meigs & Sarah Wilcoxson
 Bing Crosby (Singer & Actor)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Mark Isham (Musician & Film Composer)  William Hammond & Elizabeth Paine
 Cole Porter (Music Composer)  John Deming, brother of Elizabeth Deming
 Peter Seeger (Prolific Singer-Songwriter)  William Cheney & Margaret Cule
 Grace Slick (Rock Singer-Songwriter)  John Moulton & Anne Green
 Taylor Swift (American Singer/Songwriter)  Jireh Swift & Abigail Gibbs
 James Taylor (Popular Singer/Songwriter)  Anthony Austin & Esther Huggins
 Brian Wilson (Co-Founder Beach Boys)  William Hammond & Elizabeth Paine
 Carl Wilson (Co-Founder Beach Boys)  William Hammond & Elizabeth Paine
 Dennis Wilson (Co-Founder Beach Boys)  William Hammond & Elizabeth Paine
Religion (5)  Henry Ward Beecher (Anti-slavery minister)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Increase Mather (Minister, Harvard Pres.)  Thomas Mather (father of Elizabeth Mather)
 Cotton Mather (Minister, Royal Society)  Thomas Mather (father of Elizabeth Mather)
 Joseph Smith (Mormon Prophet/Founder)  Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
 Brigham Young (Mormon Leader)  Reinold Marvin
Signers (3)  Nathaniel Gorham, Jr. (Signed Constitution)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Lyman Hall (Declaration of Independence)  Rev. Nicholas Street & Catherine Poole
 Samuel Huntington (Declaration of Indep.)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
Spies (3)  Allen Dulles (Eisenhower's CIA Director)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Nathan Hale (America's First Spy)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Benjamin Tallmadge (Leader of Spy Ring)  Thomas Nash & Margery Baker
Sports (6)  Drew Brees (MVP of Super Bowl XLIV)  Samuel Hickox Jr & Elizabeth Plumb
 John Cena (WWE World Champion)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Dave Cowens (1971 NBA Rookie of Year)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Johns Adams Morgan (Olympic Gold 1952)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Aaron Rodgers (MVP of Super Bowl XLV)  John Meigs & Tamazin Fry
 Steve Young (MVP of Super Bowl XXIX)  Reinold Marvin via Brigham Young line 254
Space (5)  Edwin Hubble (Hubble Space Telescope)  John Meigs & Tamazin Fry
 Samuel Langley (Astronomer/Inventor)  John Deming, brother of Elizabeth Deming
 Story Musgrave (6 Space Flights/Physician)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Alan B. Shepard, Jr. (1st American in Space)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Alfred Worden (1 of 24 to Fly to the Moon)  Anthony Austin & Esther Huggins
Technology (12)  Dr. Lee De Forest ("Father of Radio")  William Wilcockson & Margaret Harvey
 Willis H. Carrier (A/C Inventor)  Bernard Capen & Joan Purchase
 Samuel Colt (Inventor of Colt Revolver)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Dr. Edwards Deming (Quality Legend)  Parents of John & Elizabeth Deming
 Thomas Edison (Icon of Invention)  Abraham Verplanck & Maria Vinge
 Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder/philanthropist)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Joseph Glidden (Inventor of Barbed Wire)  Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris
 George Glider (Futurist & Technologist)  Richard Warren via his G grandfather Tiffany
 Samuel F.B. Morse (Inventor of Telegraph)  Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
 Eli Whitney, Jr. (Inventor of Cotton Gin)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 Orville Wright (Airplane Co-Inventor)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Wilbur Wright (Airplane Co-Inventor)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
US Presidents (11)  George H. W. Bush (41st US President)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
 George W. Bush (43rd US President)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Calvin Coolidge (30th US President)  Thomas French & Susan Riddlesdale
 Millard Fillmore (13th US President)  Oliver Purchase & Thomasine Harris
 Gerald Ford (38th US President)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Ulysses S. Grant (18th US President)  William Rockwell & Susanna Capen
 Rutherford B. Hayes (19th US President)  Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Deming
 Richard Nixon (37th US President)  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
 Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd US President)  John Tilley & Joan Hurst
 Theodore Roosevelt (26th US President)  Guleyn Vigne & Adriaantje Cuvilje
 William Howard Taft (27th US President)  Ralph Hemmenway & Elizabeth Hewes
US Vice Presidents, Never US President (11)  Aaron Burr (Jefferson's/3rd VP)  William Tuttle & Elizabeth Southcutt
 Dick Cheney (G. W. Bush's/46th VP)  William Cheney & Margaret Cule
 Charles Curtis (Hoover's/31st VP)  Andrew Warner & Mary Humfrey
 Charles Dawes (Coolidge's/30th VP)  Dr Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Charles Fairbanks (T. Roosevelt's/26th VP)  Jonathan Gillet & Mary Dolbiar
 Hannibal Hamlin (Lincoln's/15th VP)  Henry Howland & Margaret X
 Levi Parsons Morton (Harrison's/22nd VP)  Joseph Parsons & Mary Bliss
 Dan Quayle (G.H.W. Bush's/44th VP)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins
 Nelson Rockefeller (Ford's/41st VP)  Daniel Son of Robert Rose & Margery X
 James Sherman (Hoover's/27th VP)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Henry Wallace (F.D. Roosevelt's/33rd VP)  Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House
US First Ladies (12)  Barbara Bush (Family Matriarch)  Judge Robert Coe & Mary X
 Grace Coolidge (1st First Lady to earn a BA)  Richard Warren & Elizabeth Walker
 Mamie Eisenhower (Gracious Hostess)  Sylvester Baldwin
 Florence Harding (Active in Politics)  Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin
 Lucy Hayes (Egalitarian Hostess)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Nancy Reagan (Linked via Parish Ancestor)  John Parish & Mary Wattell
 Alice Roosevelt (Died After Child Birth)  John Crocker & Mary Bodfish
 Edith Roosevelt (Elevated Role of First Lady)  John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley
 Eleanor Roosevelt (First Lady of the World)  David Pieterse Schuyler&Catalyn Verplanck
 Beth Truman (Longest Lived First Lady)  Dr. Henry Woodward & Elizabeth Mather
 Hannah Van Buren (Died before Presidency)  Wynant G. Van Der Poel & Tryntje Melgers
 Ellen Louise Wilson (Wilson's 1st First Lady)  Thomas Bliss & Margaret Hulins

Interested in more info?

Click "Family Tree" to see my known ancestors in all four branches of my family tree.

Interested in more details?

This section is written for people who want to get into the details to understand what care has been taken to correctly identify common ancestors. Perhaps you have taken the fun step of verifying my work by matching the name of the notable person's common ancestor with the corresponding one in my tree, and have some questions. Let's get into the details of the matching process and answer some of your questions.

Process to identify a Cousin

I scan the list of ancestors of the famous person's ahnentafel starting at Generation 1 and scan back in time. (See short video explanation of ahnentafel.) I'm looking for names that I recognize from my work in the 1980s! And I have the list of Parrish surnames to consult to refresh my memory. Clicking on a surname gives a list of the individuals with that surname on my website.

Clearly the more I do this matching work the easier it gets. I can find Mayflower passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, her parents, or Richard Warren or not in less than a minute in a scan of a famous person's ahnentafel. Then it is fun to check for other common ancestors. There are 20 or 30 surnames where most of the matches occur. You can scan the surnames in the "Our Common Ancestors" column above to see these surnames.

Once I locate a possible common ancestor I have to determine if it is a match, I check the dates and the name of the wife to help confirm the match or not. Dates are often flagged different ways to indicated they are approximate. And there are a number of other factors to consider which I discuss in the next 4 sections which help to determine if there is a common ancestor or not. My goal is to do careful work and only accept matches that are genuine.

Spelling of Surnames may have variations

A good way to demonstrate this is to scroll thru the generations in Lee Marvin's ahnentafel. Notice that the first line of each generation is spelled Marvin until generation 13. There both the historic spelling of Mervyn and the modern spelling of Marvin is shown. At generation 14 it is Mervyn. Also Reinhold Mervin or Mervyn with a date of c1512 or c1514 is the same person.

Rev. John Lathrop is the modern spelling, but when he lived he was Rev. John Lothrop or other variations. He and his wife Hannah House (Howse) have many descendants in America. You will see their names many times as the common ancestors on this page. I have visited the cemetery where he is buried and saw this historical plaque.

Another common example is "Wilcoxson" became "Wilcox". Ralph Hemmenway is the immigrant, but his descendants are "Hemingway" -- e.g., Ernest Hemingway. I have ensured that regardless of spelling differences, it is the same person being referred to as the common ancestor.

Names are Repeated Generation to Generation

Care must be excercised when matching names. For example, in my tree there are men 5 generations in a row named "John Meigs". Try it: click here and click on the child in each generation named John Meigs. To make a match between the notable person ahnentafel and my family tree, I check the dates of the person and the name of the wife to ensure that, for example, "John Meigs" is the correct "John Meigs". Remember many dates are approximate and marked with "c" or "abt".

Surname of Wife is Missing or Different

In England in the 1500s the maiden name of the wife was not recorded in some cases. For example, a woman named "Mary" with an unknown surname I refer to as "Mary X". Genealogists over time have figured out the name of Mary X in some cases. For example, the maiden name of the wife of famous Mayflower passenger Richard Warren was not known for sure until 2002. Read the explanation.

There is often a circumstantial case for picking/matching a surname for the wife in the cases of partial information. These surnames are usually described as "probable", and have been done in old histories.

In the few cases where the name of the wife is different between my tree and the notable person's tree, the reason is typically due to remarriage. If I am convinced the husband is a correct match, then I have a common ancestor.

Common Ancestor Maybe in England

When I worked on my family tree in the 1980s, I started tracing my tree back to the immigrant ancestors and generally stopped there or perhaps one generation back in England or Holland. I had already identified over 600 ancestors and this was a practical point to stop. Also I was tracing the direct ancestral lines back and did not record all of the children in the family at each generation, only my direct ancestors. Otherwise, I would have had several thousand names.

However, goes back 16 or more generations. So if I fail to prove in some notable people as distant cousins because I need another few generations to find the common ancestor, I use This is a very detailed website with geographical locations, lists of the the brothers and sisters, etc.

In one common case I demonstrate that Reinhold Mervyn is the grandfather of Reinhold Marvin. I use this line of text: "Grandfather of Namesake Reinhold Marvin".
To get the relevant diagram, you need to click on button for "ancestor" on the WikiTree page.

Concluding Remarks

The organization of this webpage allows every visitor to check my work on every famous cousin. My goal is to prove each of these famous cousins is in fact a famous cousin. And everything is transparent and my information can be verified other places.

There is often more than one couple in common between the ahnenetafel of the famous person and my family tree. For example, former Governor Weld, and I share at least a dozen couples who are common ancestors. He, like me, has deep family roots in New England. It was a coincidence that I spoke to him twice in 2016 before knowing our connection.

Final observation: using is a very convenient way to find famous or notable cousins, but many of their trees are flagged as "in progress". So using understates the actual number of famous/notable ancestors because it is missing many of their ancestors at this point in time. I use to find common ancestors to some famous people, who I know from reading Gary Boyd Robert's authoritative books, are in fact cousins. One example, is First Lady Beth Truman. Since her common ancestors are missing on, I cannot use it yet.