Scottish Branch of Family Tree


The scientific brain power in the family comes from the Scottish branch. Scotland has more inventors per capita than any other country. My great great grandfather, John Young, was the gas manager in Dalkeith, a town near Edinburg. He made many important discoveries in the gasification of coal. His first son, William, made a fortune in further discoveries in the gasification of coal. I visited William's estate in Scotland and was amazed that the driveway was 2 miles long. My grandmother, as one of the 17 nephews and neices received money from his trust fund for about 25 years after his death. This money was important to the family during the depression.

Scottish Ancestors

My grandmother, Minnie Edmiston Young, was born in Iowa of immigrants from Scotland. You can see her ancestors, family group by family group, by clicking on her name. They were all born in Scotland. You can also explore her tree by surnames. The best way to start is to click on Big Picture which provides you an overall diagram, introductory material and an index of all names in her tree. Her father was a beloved figure and his obituary appeared on the front page of the local newspaper.

Minnie was a formal and well organized person. Even after 50 years she referred to her next door neighbor by her surname. Minnie noted all important dates in a notebook and could quickly retrieve this information when needed. As a child, I noticed that she had money tucked away in many different places in her cabinets. This frugality was a real boon to the family during the depression. You can also read the history of the T. M. Parrish Family written by my father.