Arguments Against Objectivism

Bob Stubblefield in this baker's dozen list of objections from various schools of philosophy that are opposed to Objectivism illuminates the key errors of their arguments. If you are interested in more information on Objectivism, you can consult Objectivism 101 or a chart of Objectivist concepts. If you have a copy of Bob's complete article, let me know.


Arguments Against Objectivism

by Bob Stubblefield

Those who are opposed to Ayn Rand's views include:

1. Materialists (who deny the relevance of consciousness);

2. Idealists (who deny the relevance of existence);

3. Dualists (who say existence is relevant for this real world and consciousness is relevant for another, independent, spiritual world);

4. Subjectivists (who hold that existence is dependent on consciousness);

5. Intrinsicists (who hold that knowledge of existence is gained automatically);

6. Indeterminists (who hold that existence is unknowable);

7. Determinists (who hold that man has no control over his destiny);

8. Empiricists (who deny the efficacy of abstractions);

9. Rationalists (who treat the self-evident and the arbitrary with equality and who place ideas above reality);

10. Pragmatists (who say there are no principles);

11. Religionists (who take principles as a matter of faith);

12. Skeptics (who think knowledge is impossible);

13. Mystics (who think knowledge without means is possible); etc. ...