Wedding of Alex Cano & Erika Gonzaléz

The Gonzaléz family has lived next to my father for over 15 years. They have been wonderful neighbors who have helped my father many times over the years. Eliseo and Juana Gonzaléz have 3 children including a daughter, Erika.

On June 19, 2004, Erika Gonzaléz wed Alexander Cano at the century-old Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe. This is the largest Catholic church in Dallas, Texas. Over 90% of the ceremony was held in the Spanish language with vows in English. The June bride was beautiful and the train of her dress was 15 feet long.

The wedding dinner and reception was held at the Czech Club which is only 2 miles from the Gonzaléz home. There were several hundred people at the wedding and even more at the reception.

My father, D. M. Parrish, who had fractured a bone in his spine two week earlier was able to attend wearing a brace, but was not feeling too well. Normally, he always looks good in photos. He is less than 3 months from his 90th birthday.

Alex and Erika in Church Erika Gonzaléz and
Alexander Cano kneel
during their wedding
ceremony in the Cathedral.
Alex and Erika Cano The handsome couple,
Mr. and Mrs. Cano,
at their wedding reception.

Don Parrish and Eliseo Gonzalez The father of the bride,
Eliseo Gonzaléz, visits
my father in his kitchen.
Don Parrish and Juana Gonzalez The mother of the bride,
Juana Gonzaléz, greets
my father at the reception.

Eliseo Gonzalez and Anselmo Cano The father of the bride
poses with Anselmo Cano,
the father of the groom.
Eliseo Gonzalez and Brothers Eliseo with 2 of his 6 brothers. He also has 2 sisters.

Erika with Mother and Sister A wonderful photo of Erika with her mother and sister. Don Parrish with Alex and Erika The wedding couple greet my father.

Czech Club There were hundreds of people at the wedding reception at the Czech Club. Candle Light Vigil A very good mariachi band came around and played your individual requests.