Ft. Leonard Wood in August 2005

When I was growing up, my mother would occasionally tell the story of how she drove a Buick from Iowa to visit my father at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri after he had been called up for active duty in 1941. My father, Donald M. Parrish, was a Second Lieutenant at the time, and my parents had been married in 1940. The fort was built starting December 1940 on a round the clock basis as the United States prepared itself in case America was drawn into WWII.

I noticed that Fort Leonard Wood was on my path returning from Dallas to Chicago and decided to check it out.

It is a huge fort of about 100 square miles with over 13,000 people living there. It was named for a famous general and medical doctor, Leonard Wood. You get a pass at the gate, and then drive to the museum complex.

Ft Leonard Wood Sign WWII Barracks WWII Barracks Door WWII Barracks Roof Museum
Museum Complex Sign WWII Barracks WWII Barracks End View Roof Repair Museum Complex