30th Birthday Dinner for Jonathan Cowen

This page has a slideshow of Jonathan Cowen's 30th birthday dinner at a steakhouse in Austin, Texas on September 7, 2007. It was attended by his wife, parents, aunts and cousins. I'm his first cousin one-time removed.

To figure out who the people are in the slideshow, consult the report Cousin Reunion in 2006.

The slideshow (5.3Mb) takes about a minute to load. When the background changes to black it is ready to play, click on the small arrow on the bottom left side of the slideshow to start. If desired, click to pause or resume.
The controls also allow a full screen show, but it will be a bit fuzzy. If controls not visible, point to video window.

The slideshow has 35 slides and plays for two minutes and 20 seconds. There is some background music.