Libertarian Party 2004 Convention

I been a delegate at all of the Presidential nominating conventions of the Libertarian Party. As far as I know, the only other person who has accomplished that feat is, of course, David Nolan, the Founder of the Party. Here is a summary table of all of the Presidential nominating conventions, their locations and the candidates selected.

Year Convention Presidential - VP Candidates Election
1972 Denver John Hospers - Tonie Nathan 1972
1975 New York Roger MacBride - David Bergland 1976
1979 Los Angeles Ed Clark - David Koch 1980
1983 New York David Bergland - Jim Lewis 1984
1987 Seattle Ron Paul - Andre Marrou 1988
1991 Chicago Andre Marrou - Nancy Lord 1992
1996 Washington, D.C. Harry Browne - Jo Jorgensen 1996
2000 Anaheim Harry Browne - Art Olivier 2000
2004 Atlanta Michael Badnarik - Richard Campagna 2004
2008 Denver Bob Barr - Wayne Allyn Root 2008

The 2004 LP convention in Atlanta featured a thrilling 3 way race for the presidential nomination and a reformating of the party platform. There were a lot of people attending their first LP convention. One of the highlights of the convention occurred when I was tapped on the shoulder by a delegate and Tim Mahar shook my hand. Tim, whose photo is below, and I had worked together at Bell Labs. Tim left twenty years ago to join another company and I had not seen him since. Tim explained that I was the one who had gotten him interested in the Libertarian Party. I was pleased to learn that.

Tim Mahar, who is active in the Libertarian Party in Florida, wrote an eloquent response to a liberal who took the world's smallest political quiz. Regardless of your political viewpoint, I believe that you will be moved by Tim's low-key well-reasoned essay. As a preview here is part of Tim's essay: I find that my Liberal friends tend to agree with Libertarian positions on personal freedom issues while my Conservative friends agree with Libertarian free market positions. Which of course makes sense; but I find it interesting that in each case, there is the belief that the government is benevolent, competent and efficient managing one aspect of our lives, while at the same time being malevolent, incompetent, and inefficient in another area of our lives. IT'S THE SAME GOVERNMENT! Tim is a modern day Thomas Paine.

The LP party platform is remarkably stable in content because the LP consistently stands for individual rights and limited government. To make the platform clearer and more readable, it was reordered and each of the sixty some planks were re-written in a now standard format: what the issue is, what the principle is, what the solution is, and what some transitional actions toward that solution are.

This year, Gary Nolan, Aaron Russo and Michael Badnarik actively campaigned for the LP nomination for President all over the country. It was a spirited campaign and there were a number of debates. Each would have made an excellent candidate. At the convention, on the first ballot, the 805 delegates were split in almost equal thirds. It was amazing. Michael was the underdog, but he won the nomination. He is the only person on the ballot in 2004 who was selected in a convention. I was so busy at the convention that I didn't take many photos.

Don Parrish and Dave Nolan Its always educational to talk to LP founder, David Nolan. Tonie Nathan and Don Parrish I need to get a better quality photo with famous friend, Tonie Nathan.
Richard Campagna and Michael Badnarik Richard Campagna and Michael Badnarik accept the applause of the delegates Chilliwack Scenic Former Bell Labs colleague Tim Mahar and I are photographed before the banquet by his wife.