Latimas 2003 in Wisconsin

Latimas is a holiday tradition created by and for the Latimer family. It's a family reunion held in January with all of the elements normally associated with Christmas and birthdays. Richard and Lynn Latimer are dear friends who I met before all of their children (Renee, Jason, Toby and Dagny) were born. I attended their weddings to spouses Niall Campbell, Natalia Carta and Mike Knight. Now Richard and Lynn are blessed with 4 attractive and smart grandchildren (Keara Campbell, Declan Campbell, Jack Knight and Mykha Latimer). I have observed that both beauty and brains can be inherited!

Since Toby and Dag live there, Madison, Wisconsin has become the locus for Latimas specifically the Knight home. Renee and Niall fly in from the east coast and Jason and Natalia fly in from the west coast. My capture of Latimas is flawed because of fuzzy photos and a lack a photo of Toby's significant other, Henry Boehm or a good photo of Lynn, who is organizer-in-chief of Latimas and a wonderful grandmother. Click thumbnail and larger photo will autoclose in about 10 seconds.

In December 2003, Ellis Maceo Latimer and Ellery Kate Knight were born. Photos of Jack and Ellery.

Photo of Toby and Tree Toby Latimer plays with the dog while the Latimas tree is piled high with gifts. Photo of 4 cousins First official photo of the four cousins: Keara, Mykha, Jack and Declan.
Photo of Jason and Natalia Renee shares a moment with sister Dag while Declan observes. Photo of Jason and Natalia Just a taste of gift giving at Latimas: Keara, Dag and Renee unwrap while Declan supervises.
Photo of Renee and Niall Niall and Renee Campbell, the official photo. Photo of Niall and Declan Here father and son figure out a new game with 550 pieces.
Photo of Declan Declan Campbell, the official photo. Photo of Keara Keara Campbell, the official photo.
Photo of Mike and Jack Candid shot while both father and son study their environment. Photo of Mike and Jack Jack plays the new game while parents and cousins, Keara and Declan, look on.
Photo of Dag and Jack Candid shot of Dagny amusing Jack by blowing on his face. Photo of Niall Niall steals a quiet moment to enjoy the Sunday paper.
Photo of Jason and Natalia Jason and Natalia pose for their official photo, but I have a trick up my sleeve . . . Photo of Jason and Natalia ...I ask them to look at each other to create their official photo: Jason and Natalia explorering each other.
Photo of Mykha Mykha Latimer, the official photo. Photo of Jason and Dag holding Jack Jason videos me as I photograph him. Dag keeps Jack well fed.
Photo of Toby at Toad Hill Toby Latimer, the official photo taken at her Toad Hill Coffee House. Photo of Richard and Declan Grandfather Richard is amazed how active Declan can be.