Year in Review 1992


Below the image of my original 1992 review see all four sections of text repackaged for easy reading.

This year's card is a Courage Card created by people with physical disabilities. Entitled Trailside--Cardinals, it was painted by Courage Card art search winner Michael Sieve.

Cardinals in snowy tree

Original 1992 Review

Bell Labs

This year I spent over 3 months in Japan. This was still a very heavy pace, but less than the 6 months, which I spent last year. So far, thanks to the hard work of many people, we are making headway in our initial efforts to enter the switching market in Japan. I was recognized in the company magazine as one of the Heroes of Strategic Intent for my work to open the market in Japan. There were eleven stories on other heroes, but I ended up with a larger photo. Sometimes it pays to work on Japan!


I spent a week in Hawaii last winter. This is a great place just to relax, but half of the tourists are from Japan. I also spent a week during the summer in Texas including attending both nights of my 30th High School reunion. It was a wonderful chance to see old friends who I had not seen in 10, 20 or 30 years. I was selected as the Least Changed Male. The secret is to choose your ancestors carefully. The organizers had a school newspaper on display from 1961, which had an article by me about Herbert Pietsch, my pen pal in East Berlin and German Communism.


This year my father and I continued to work on the Family Tree. I bought him a new Macintosh, but he is doing all the work. He selected the Reunion program on which I helped him get started during his visit. So far he has entered over 1200 names of ancestors, relatives and their spouses. He is in active communication with dozens and dozens of people. This work is getting all the previous research into one data base. Some day we want to publish it, but so much remains to be done.

Recently we had some bad news: my aunt Helen Parrish passed away in South Bend, Indiana. Rest in peace.

World Headlines

  • Andre Marrou, the Libertarian candidate for President, beat both President Bush and Bill Clinton in the first primary contest in February in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.
  • Four Libertarians were elected to the New Hampshire legislature.
  • The Libertarian candidate changed the outcome in the Senate race in Georgia.
  • The grand total of the major US disasters (Chicago Flood, Las Angeles Riots, Hurricane Andrew) was less than one-tenth of this year’s Federal Budget red ink.
  • This year’s Federal Government red ink exceeded the total Federal Debt when I was in High School.
  • Total Federal Debt today is $4,000,000,000,000 and growing rapidly. Hello.
  • 1992 was the 500th birthday of the discovery of America. Columbus got bad press this year. The difference between the Spanish goal of seizing gold and the Pilgrims’ goal of building a new world was all the difference.