Year in Review 1993


Below the image of my original 1993 review see all four sections of text repackaged for easy reading.

Original 1993 Review

Snow scene

Bell Labs

I continue to work on Japan and visited Japan 12 times (monthly) in 1993. I spent a total of 5 months there this year. We were all extremely busy!! This has been a breakthru year for our business with a current total of three customers. This includes NTT, the largest customer in the world for telecommunications. The Wall Street Journal mentioned the contracts with NTT and Teleway Japan in an article on June 30, 1993 entitled After Initial Fuzziness, AT&T Clears Up Signal To Asia. Also mentioned are additional sales in China where I secured our first customer in 1985 in Wuhan. I was selected and sent to MIT in the spring and the fall for seminars on Japan. AT&T has had a great year with a large increase in the value of the stock. This allowed Bob Allen to buy McCaw Cellular for $12.6B. We're on a roll.


I plan to spend a week in Hawaii in December on vacation. I took a two-day vacation to see Plymouth, Massachusetts including the burial site of two of my 5 ancestors on the Mayflower. In July, I spent 4 days at the exceptional Western Reserve Historical Library in Cleveland working on the Family Tree. I made some wonderful discoveries. This month, I made a day visit to Connecticut to see the graves of the first 4 generations of the Maltby family in America. This was quite special since my middle name, my father's middle name and my grandfather's middle name is Maltby. I did research in the Yale Library confirming discoveries previously made. There was very little personal time in 1993!


In June, we had a family reunion in Dallas with my father, brother and his wife to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my mother's death. When my father visited me in August, I bought both of us new Macs to aid our family tree work. Some of my discoveries on our ancestors: Found we have common ancestors with at least 10 U.S. Presidents, which makes them distant cousins. I discovered 3 pairs of double ancestors 12 generations back! I researched many incredible ties to Yale University including the first student. Another tie: Samuel Maltby was one of just two students who were graduated from Yale in the class of 1712. First Comer and namesake, Judge William Maltby, a friend of Cromwell, came to America after Charles II restored the monarchy in 1660. First Comer Thomas Nash made the first clock in America. First comer Thomas Farrar was a victim of Witch trials 300 years ago in Massachusetts. He was thrown into prison in Boston at age 75 for 7 months because a 14 year old girl saw him pinch her in her dreams. Many more fancinating discoveries . . .

World Headlines

  • Major upheavals in governments in Japan and Canada. Another coup in Russia (should number these for easier reporting). PLO and Israel recognize each other. German economy in trouble because of spending on the East. VW goes on 4 day week to stay in business.
  • Largest snowfall in 100 years on East Coast.
  • Worst floods in Midwest in 100 years. Sad.
  • NAFTA passes. Perot losses debate to Gore.
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton propose socialized medicine but carefully avoid calling it what it is. Use credit card as symbol. Promise it can never be taken away, but fail to say who will pay the bill. Don't ask. Don't tell. Hello.
  • Haiti, Somilia and Bosnia demonstrate the limits of outside power to save people from the errors of their own history and leaders. Learn.
  • Federal debt approaches $5,000,000,000,000!