Ayn Rand Sites in Saint Petersburg

Map of St. Petersburg Ayn Rand was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1905. This page has photos of three locations, marked with purple arrows on the map, where Ayn Rand lived or studied. Special thanks to Glenn Cripe for providing me the information to find these sites.

Rand's father worked in the pharmacy located at the intersection of Moscovsky Prospect and Klinsky Perevod . The family lived in an apartment above the store. The pharmacy ("Apteka" in Russian) where is located 2 blocks south of the Tehnologichesky Institut Metro station.

Rand lived, according to her passport information, in Apartment 4 at 16 Dmitrovsky Lane. This is located between the Nevsky Prospect and the Dostoevskaya/Vladimirskaya Metro station.

Saint Petersburg State University has few buildings, and Rand who was in the history/philosophy department would recognize them today. Chris Matthew Sciabarra analyzed Rand's transcript. The University (map), Vasileostrovskaya Metro station, is a short walk from the Hermitage.

Pharmacy Looking north on Moscovsky Prospect and north east on Klinsky Perevod. Palmse Manor House The pharmacy is located on the first floor with apartments above.
Dr Falk Sign The pharmacy is now associated with the Germany company, Dr Falk. Infront of Pharmacy The pharmacy is also a rental ("Prokat") store and sells "Optica" -- glasses.
Across Street From the pharmacy, looking across and south on Moscovsky Prospect, one of the major streets in St. Petersburg. Inside Pharmacy Just inside the door of the pharmacy, the furnishings are not original, but the floor looks like the one that Rand would have seen.

Rand Apt Map Dmitrovsky Lane is shown at the very top to the left of the Nevsky Palace Hotel. Beck Sign Corner of Kolokolnaya and Dmitrovsky with Rand apartment building in background.
Beck Sign and Church From Dmitrovsky Lane looking south to restored church on Kolokolnaya St. Note Beck's sign for orientation. Beck sign and Rand Apt From Kolokolnaya Street looking north on Dmitrovsky Lane, the central arch of Rand's apartment building is visible.
Rand Apt Across Street Across street from Rand's Apt looking south to Kolokolnaya. Sign says "Newspapers" and "Magazines". Rand Apt North Looking north on Dmitrovsky Lane at Rand's Apartment building toward Nevsky Prospect.
Rand Apt Building The arch is the entrance to the back of the building. Rand's apartment is just above and to left of arch. Rand Apt Number For positive identification here is the full street address in the Cryllic alphabet.
Back of Rand Apt This is the back of Rand's Apartment Building. You enter at the wooden door on right. Rand Apt Door Up on the landing is the door to Rand's Apartment, Number 4.

St Pete Uni from Hermitage Red and white Main University Building is visible from Dvortcoviy bridge by the Hermitage. St Pete Uni Mendeleev St. Looking north on Mendeleev St, the Main University Building is a city block long.
Main Building Entrance to the block-long Main Building on Mendeleev Street. cocaine buy Plaque is left of the door. Mendeleev Plaque Plaque to the famous Russian chemist Mendeleev who created the periodic chart. University name in Russian.
Main North End North end of Main Building looking south toward the Neva. Note Sakharov Statue at left. Sakharov Statue Statue to Andrea Sakharov with the University Center building behind it. Main Building is on left.
Library of Science The Library of the Academy of Science is on the north side of Sakharov Square. HistoryBuilding The new History and Philosophy Building, built in 1936, is on the east side of the square.