Smyth Wedding in May 2005

On May 29, 2005 I attended the wedding of Joy Twesigye and Dr. Shawn Smyth in Delaware, Ohio a suburb of Columbus. The reception was held at the Confluence Restaurant with a stunning view of downtown Columbus. There are wedding photos and more details on the web.

Shawn's father, Alexander Smyth, and I were best friends during our college days at the University of Texas. We were introduced in our freshman year by a mutual friend, Bill Hearne, who noticed that both of us were talking about Ayn Rand and thought we should meet each other. Alex and I talked a lot about Ayn Rand and Objectivism. Shortly after we met, we both went down to San Marcus, Texas to skydive. I helped Alex with the complex application to become the first representative of the Nathaniel Branden Institute in Austin, which explained Objectivism on taped lectures. A couple of years later I was Alex's Best Man at his first wedding.

In November 1999, Dr. Alexander Smyth was killed instantly in a car accident. I attended his memorials in Houston and Salt Lake and helped his wife Linda and his 3 children: Shawn, Alessa & Chris scatter his ashes on his favorite ski mountain, Snowbird. Since then Shawn has graduated from medical school and is doing his residency.

Joy's father, Dr. Emmanuel Twesigye was born in Uganda. He was often denounced by the notorious, bloody dictator, Idi Amin. One day on the radio, Idi Amin announced that he would kill Reverend Twesigye, who fled Uganda that day with his pregnant (with Joy) wife. Joy was born and raised in the United States. She is a specialized R. N. with a master's degree.

We had great weather for the wedding. It was a special event. Enjoy the photos.

Thumbnails of the Wedding Itself

Tent Grooms People Sisters Flowers Ceremony Moment Couple
Wedding Tent Groom's People Shawn's Sisters Wedding Ceremony Special Moment Joy & Shawn Smyth

Thumbnails of People After the Wedding

Smyth Sisters Linda Smyth Joy Shawn Linda Joy Relatives Joy Parents Hippo
Private Moment Linda Smyth, Groom's Mother Joy, Shawn & Linda Joy and Relatives Joy and Parents Hippo Guards Reception

Thumbnails from the Reception

Linda Dancing Linda Dancing Linda Bishop Let Go Mr Mrs Smyth We Won
Linda Dancing with Emmanuel Linda Dancing with Shawn Linda and Emmanuel "Let Go" Tattoo Mr & Mrs Smyth We Won!