Atlas Society Summer Seminar July 2004

UBC Housing In 2004, the summer seminar, my seventh, of The Atlas Society was held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, one of most geographically spectacular cities on planet earth. TOC used one of my favorite comments on the summer seminar in their 2004 brochure; click on image to left. There were about 200 attendees this year. As usual, there were invigorating and educational lectures morning, afternoon and evening all week. People lecturing in one session are part of the audience in the other. One of the many lecture highlights, was a two part talk on Islam delivered by David Kelley that supplied the philosophical insights into how the Muslim world developed as it did.

Wednesday, the mid point of the week, is a free day and participants self-organize themselves into various activities. I was one of the group of 8 going white water rafting. This was my first time and wow! what an adventure. We drove 90 minutes from Vancouver to the Chilliwack river. We spent almost 4 intensive hours on the Chilliwack River Canyon run, which is graded III to IV plus, surviving 9 miles of constant white water with a lot of paddling. I, one of three, who got flipped out of the raft, made a nice recovery by swimming back to the raft and was hauled aboard. Basically, we were on constant adrenaline for 4 hours. We briefly stopped in the middle of the journey to hike up a hill to jump, one by one, a good 20 feet into the cold surging river, and then we swam like hell to get to the bank before we would be swept downstream. We felt like war buddies at the end of the adventure. Fellow rafters were: Logan Darrow Clements, Heather Demarest, Mike Garrett, Michael Grierson, Lance Moore, Ken Nesmith, and Scott Schneider.

UBC Housing UBC is on a peninsula and we were housed in high rises or apartments. UBC Library A green and spacious campus with views of snow capped hills. Photo of the new library.
Before Rafting Here is the group before we donned wet suits, helmuts and life vests and got trained. Chilliwack Scenic A photo I found on the internet of the Chilliwack River. We had only 2 rafts and rarely saw such type III water.
Chilliwack White Water A borrowed photo shows a small taste of the white water we experienced on the Chilliwack. See IV definition. After Rafting Afterwards, can you see how happy these people are to be alive after risking life and limb?
Molly Hays and David Kelley Molly Hays, my 11th cousin, who lectured on Romantic Love, makes a point with Director, David Kelley. UBC Library Authors Dr. Stephen Hicks and MC John Enright chat about John's thrilling new novel, Unholy Quest.
David Saum David Saum, who arranges our hikes or mountains climbs, posed for the camera. Austen Morris Austen Morris entertained us hours at a time in the Common Room improvising music on the piano. Amazing!
Vitaly Winter and Igor Dubinsky Russian immigrants, and friends, Vitaly Winter & Igor Dubinsky, enjoy their first summer seminar. Ken Nesmith and Igor Dubinsky Ken Nesmith, MIT student and river rafter, poses with Igor. Ken did a piano improvisation duet with Austen.
Glen Sibbeston and Michael Grierson Men from Canada: old friend, Glen Sibbeston, and new friend, Michael Grierson. Michael and Heather Fellow river rafters, Michael Grierson & Heather Demarest, pose for the camera.
Rafting Group Here is another gathering of the river rafters at the concluding banquet on Friday night. TOC 2004 Group A typical, emotive group of Atlas Society attendees ham it up for posterity.