Latimer Reunion 2006

I met my dear friends Richard and Lynn Latimer 40 years ago and have watched with delight as their children grew up, married well and had children of their own.

This is a very impressive family that I have chronicled before in Latimas 2003. This report is about part of their multi-state reunion in early August 2006.

Latimer family gatherings are dynamic and fun. The photos below are opportunistic shots that capture some of their personalities, and some of the glories of Chicago's lake front.

A summary guide of the relationships of the people:
Richard Latimer married Lynn Husband and they have 4 children:

  • Renee who married Niall Campbell (children: Keara, Declan and Rory)
  • Jason who married Natalia Carta (children: Mykha and Maceo).
  • Toby whose Significant Other is Henry Boehm.
  • Dagny who married Michael Knight (children: Jack and Ellie).

The reunion kicked off with dinner at Mykha's restaurant in Glen Ellyn on August 4, 2006. Jason and Natalia named their daughter for the owner, an immigrant from Vietnam.

Jack Declan Niall Jack Declan Niall Natalia Jason Lynn Jack Keara Renee Rory
Jack Knight, Declan & Niall Jack, Declan & Niall Campbell Natalia & Jason Latimer Lynn Latimer, Jack & Keara Renee & Rory Campbell

The Field Museum, a treasure-trove of knowledge and fascinating things, was the target for Saturday morning.

Mykha Jason Richard Mike Ellie Knight Family Knight Family
Mykha & Jason Latimer Richard Latimer on the Mount Mike & Ellie Knight Knight Family Knight Family

After exploring the Field Museum, the clan trekked toward Millennium Park enjoying the sights of one the great cities of Planet Earth. Sometimes the most wonderous thing is a bouncing ball.

Latimers Jack Keara Declan Rory
Latimers minus Toby Jack Plays with his Ball Keara Campbell Declan Campbell Rory Campbell

Photographing the clan on the move is a study in spontaneous order. Fountains and theaters are the easy work.

Buckingham Fountain Latimer Clan Maceo Maceo Clan Millenium Park
Buckingham Fountain Latimer Clan Trekking Maceo Latimer Maceo & Natalia Latimer Millennium Park Theater

After experiencing the $14M Bean, Chicago's latest icon, both inside and out, the iconoclastic Second City comedy improvisation was enjoyed by the adults. We laughed our heads off.

Bean Bean Inside Soldier Field Mike Toby Renee Niall
Mike points to the Bean Bean Inside Reflections Soldier Field Memorial Mike Knight & Toby Latimer Renee & Niall Campbell