Don Parrish's 90th Birthday

My father, D. M. Parrish, Sr., celebrated his 90th birthday on September 8, 2004 at home with friends and relatives. Although he hasn't been feeling well, he really enjoyed himself at his party and looks forward to doing this again. So we'll plan for a 91st birthday party in 2005.

In addition to the guests who made his party special, my father enjoyed all of the birthday cards that he received from friends and relatives. Community Senior Services, the group that provides his home care, sent him a nice bouquet.

His birthday cake was made by Helen Randolph and it was so good that people asked for the recipe. Instead of 90 candles, we used 9, and dad needed two or three attempts to blow them out. It's not easy being 90!

There are more photos of my father and information on his ancestors on this website.

Don Parrish at 90 Here is my father in his living room before the party. Don Parrish and Gerri Wann Dad, Gerri Wann, who takes care of him, and I went to the Outback Restaurant for lobster dinner.
Dad and Eliseo Dad greets his good neighbor Eliseo Gonzalez. See his daughter's Erika's wedding photos. Mike, Eliseo and Dad Dad enjoys a chat with Mike Alverez, a friend and handyman, and Eliseo.

Randy and Helen Randolph Randy Randolph, his friend of 50 years, and his wife Helen. Note bouquet gift. Trina and Mike Boothe My father's neice Trina and her husband Mike drove from Arlington to attend the party.
Birthday Cake Helen baked, per my father's request, a white cake with white frosting. Very tasty! Helen Randolph and Fatima Gonzalez Helen cuts the cake while Fatima Gonzalez delivers pieces. Gerri is at the left.

PJ and Cortlan Parrish My father's grandson PJ shows his son Cortlan how to win one of the electronic games. Cortlan and PJ Parrish Cortlan was mesmerized by his brand new toy. Cortlan will be 5 in 6 weeks.
Cortlan and Amy Parrish Cortlan shows his electronic game to his mother, Amy. Gerri is in the background. Cortlan and Don Parrish Cortlan wasn't eager to share his toy with his great grandfather.

Don Parrish at 90 My father gestures while talking to Randy. 4 Parrish Generations Here is the complete 4 generation Parrish line.
Trina, Dad and Randy Trina watches as my father says goodbye to Randy. Note the empty cake holder. Balloons The customized balloons and standard banners are left after the guests depart.